TheFrozenCove just discovered recruitment in forums is a thing

TheFrozenCove are looking for a player, or two.

A little about us you ask? D2, having steadily risen from P2 in about two years or so.

Heavily focused on Atlas, maintain top 25 monthly kills.
More importantly, heavily focused on continuing a family style, positive vibe in team. Zero drama, maximum delegation to share the load across all members.

There are great opportunities to excel, and the requirements are what you would expect of a great Atlas team that is hovering around D2 rank.

1664 daily tokens in Atlas - I know that seems low to those of you on the naughty side, but castles in this side are at a premium!
Plus we’ve given em all cute names after our long serving players so they are warmer.

We do very well in events, and are always improving.

8/8 mandatory, and if you miss a quest you will be bombarded by Jawds incredible meme bank, he loves making custom ones as well.

We have pretty much an even 33/33/33 split across the major timezones so we’re always online, meaning anyone can apply knowing they’ll be entering an active team for their timezone.

Artisan dragons and defendable base please, if you’re slightly below that but have extreme activity I’ll always happily chat.

If you’re interested, I’d love to chat in Line, wardragonranger is my ID.




I’d like to apply how do I manage?

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Hey Zock, please follow the instructions in the post.

I like to chat in Line first.




Still looking, still friendly and still a wonderful place to play this often frustrating game.

Wardragonranger in line is my ID, hope to hear from you!