Theft of troops, victory and glory points in Atlas

  1. Gold chest opened and yielded 225 sigils.
    The sigils were not credited to my account.
  2. Atlas - supposed to get 10 chests for 4000 diamonds.
    Ionly get 5 or 6.

This could be due to lag, are you sure you weren’t refunded?

You got 6 unique drops from 10 chests most likely


You sure you screen only showed 6 drops? Did you try to scroll your screen side to side it up and down, normally on drops it will only show what fits on your screen and you can scroll and see the others that don’t, think it’s like 6ish on mine that you can see so 4 are semi hidden but you can scroll and see them

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It has been so for some time now. Only 5 or 6
drops for 4000 diamonds.

Only 5 or 6 different drops, identical drops get stacked ever since the open all button was created.


Again - 5 minutes ago - this time I only got 4 drops

And you aren’t understanding, DUPLICATE DROPS GET STACKED. If you get 2 drops of 2500 ice shards it only shows as 5k shards. maths


I got 10 drops. But, I only see 5! Why is that?

Simple. I got a repeat drop. When you click open all chests it stacks your drops together. If you got 2 225 sigils drops it will put it in the same stack of 2x225 sigils. However, with these chests it would say 225x2, it would say 450 sigils for example. You get the same drops, but it looks different

Forgot picture lol