There are big poles coming out of my base, why?



There are big poles coming out of my base why?

Visual glitch

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Because it’s Fort time :rofl::hammer::wood:


you un install and re install right??

That glitch is so good tho… i reinstall game sometimes just to see it :relieved:


This happens after reinstalling after uninstalling.

Believe it or not I had to do this a few times but I didn’t care to visit it again :joy::joy::joy:

That title looks a little suspicious


This seems to happen to me too. If you just reload the game it will work.

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I actually like that glitch :laughing: I haven’t seen it in a year though (I haven’t reinstalled once on my tablet yet). I suppose this glitch is more frequent on Android but might be wrong, it may be because Android needs to reinstall more often to deal with glitches and bugs… :expressionless:

From my previous observations it’s actually a zoomed in version of the tables, tools and scaffolding used around a tower “in-building”, so if you don’t have one when you reinstall I wonder if the glitch goes away.

Interesting and harmless since it goes away with restarting the game and provides funny screenshots.


Yea… War Dragons seems to have lots of glitches on Android. :see_no_evil: My friend has War Dragons on a Android tablet. He’s always complaining about a glitch. (Thank the man above I have apple!) :joy::face_with_spiral_eyes:

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