There’s nothing left in this game

Before towers merge and transformation, I started to work on my base in my early 100s, focus on just five maxed towers and grind tokens to get the builder hut up and then overcome the obsidian wall and even delayed getting Noctua.
It got paid off and my base was killing many unsuspecting attackers
Then when mythic gears were released I worked on them and farmed at level 5 NML (remember those times?)
My base used to be the best for the level and it was fun.

But now every Tom, Dick, Harry, Karen and Susan can do merge and swaps. It’s even more hilarious when you see some bases in some teams have almost identical base set up.

So, my base has become from OP to average Joe.

Nevermind, I could still focus on my Primach. When Silver2 was released, I made sure I got my defensive primach levelled up faster than my enemies offensive primach and looked for weak loaded destroyer to trap and defend. But now with power swaps, everyone got their primach maxed and everyone is average Joe and Karen.

Everyone does the same attack, load3-4k on destroyer and snipe snipe snipe. Whoever spent and build a bigger base has more advantage. Because everyone has the same riders, mythic dragons, mythic gears and mythic runes.

I’ve been waiting to see changes in atlas, and then the shortened delayed at entry castle is pretty useless because every average Joe’s team has bot alert and you wasted a few mins of your life not getting your target.

I doubt the land reshuffle is going to happen anytime soon and all the promises and grand plans that PG made is gone with the wind :dash:


Did it? Or did it go from being decent to still being decent? Others suddenly being able to fix past mistakes doesn’t make your base weaker.


Yes atlas sucks… that’s not new. Atlas always sucked it was only fun when it was still an event. Sadly PG has invested too much into it now to abandon so… meh.

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They went with the wind when they invested in atlas and gear… the two things that’s grappled this game.

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While I understand some of your points, I disagree on your conclusion. If this game wouldn’t have added another element besides events in the same rotation over time and wars, it would be dead already.

I wouldn’t be playing WD for sure without Atlas. Did PG make mistakes during the Beta phase and the Atlas release? Most likely. Is Atlas perfect? Hello no. Does PG need to work on the game to improve the experience? Absolutely. But to me, the game needed another dimension, which now is Atlas.



So, I agree there are problems but I think they lie elsewhere and I don’t think they are beyond redemption, yet.

For the topic of bases and in the context of a those with less than 36 max towers, the difference between good and great has rarely, if ever, deviated from being the number of max towers not the arrangement thereof. OP is reserved for those with max number, max level, and great composition with variety. Anyone discussing an obsidian wall at all, I strongly doubt ever had a max base since 36 lv 35 (sapphire mythic or 3 tiers prior to Obsidian) towers equals player level 281 and would not have had to worry about that particular wall.

Having a good sub-max base back in obsidian by taking time is more a result of being rewarded for slow progression by using modern towers rather than careful planning; which, is the opposite of what any game tries to encourage. For this reason, merge/transform was a necessity since a 200 with historic non-elemental towers is significantly weaker than a level 200 with current towers. It evened the playing field and allowed old bases to not be canalised or penalised for being maxed earlier than others.

This leads to the big question and more of a root cause IMO; is balance off? Yes. Gear and Altas has made the meta focus heavily on end game. Catchup mechanics have rendered old grinding habits obsolete. An element of this is is normal since it should always have been harder to get to a given endgame benchmark first than when you are coming at it later and the meta has progressed.

The issue, as I see it, is that the game has rammed everyone into a fast-track towards end game and Atlas where the whole system boils down to power creep. Dragons, towers, primarchs, gear and runes only get stronger rather than increasing diversity and introducing variables that encourage trade-offs and true strategy. Skill is also being threatened by waves of face roll dragons. The one area where a semblance of trade-off occurs is in breeding because you get canalised on tracks; partially driven by costs but also by the breeding relationships that players, like Red, had a large input into shaping.

Making an example of the obsidian time period again, Necryx could have been a catalyst for such a change towards reinvigorating old tower types with its spell kit that largely negated elemental damage. Sadly, power creep of almost exclusively elemental towers (admittedly the option which would likely draw the highest revenue for PG by promoting full tower turnover; so, was smart, financial business) continued and buried that potential.

Variability and utility of dragons, gear, runes and towers to create strategy rather than incessant power creep paired with the ability to switch setups, at a cost, could reinvorgorate meta and make the rush to end game more rewarding.


I honestly miss the strategy of disabling a base and having a follow kill it. Made people focus both on killing dragons and placing blue mages to limit that skill. Now mages only have a few uses. Bases can get by with 2 to 3 mages per 2 islands vs short to mid bases requiring two on each. (Granted more white spells are the greater influence there)

I just enjoyed there being multiple tactics to taking a base, even if the change made the outcome of a war better. It was still a fun aspect of the game. Now the only way a disabling dragon is viable is if he can disable and at least get 70%. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but every dragon has that 70% requirement.

Anyhow rant over, I miss sanding lol


Well I agree with that… the game needed something more. But atlas can’t handle large scale battles and I don’t think it ever will. It needed something, I’m not not convinced Atlas was the answer. Besides my bigger issue is with gear being 4x stronger than initially intended… I still view gear as a nerf not a buff.


There still is just doesn’t make it the quickest for atlas… pvp still works like that

Apparently you didn’t go through that.
To get obsidian eggs for builder hut, you’ll need to go change your breeding path. Simple as that.

The wall that you think is the 300 wall, not the same.

Was not thinking of that wall at all. If I was, I’d have said a number in the 300s and said 300 wall.

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