There should definitely be a “SpeedUp” Event!

There are no events where we directly get points for using Speedups. There should be. During fortification, if there’s lumber, we use speedups and get the credit for building. I’ve got four dragons awaiting incubation, cause I wanna save speedups for fortification. Now with Atlas there are events where we get prizes for everything else, just none for speedups. A speedup event, however brief, would really round the game out.
Whaddaya think?

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I don’t think that would be very nice tbh, you want to use the speedups to progress with other things. If there are rewards for everything you use the speedups for that should work just as well, in this case I guess it would be nice if the breeding event gave points for hatching dragons, so it wouldn’t feel like a waste of speed ups.


That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying! More of a choice how to use resources.

Any new event pls…I hate this unchangeable cycle lol

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A kind of event what could be , could be more like a “item event”.

10 points for each timer found.
50 points for each item forged. (Or 10 points for each hour that item takes)
25 points for each spell found.
25 points for each resist found.

Or something as that would be something totally different!
You can get with effort, or use your stuff for forge. ( That is the effort + pay part at the end ) ^^
For sure there are much possibilities for new events.


I like that idea! It would also break the never ending cycle of events that just keep repeating. Plz pg can u do something like this?

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A treasure hunt event could be fun, where you have to find things in a certain order. Team orientated.

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