TheRenegades are looking for 200 and above players

I’m looking for 2 members 200 and above have to slot available!!

Requirements be able to reach the 7/8 prizes every event. Don’t miss any wars. Do not hit zeros on atlas events 150 and below has 50 k troops, 200 and above has 100 k!

We have 6 castles one of each element 880 tokens from castle we are a plat 2 aggressive team anything else u wanna know inbox me!


Bro. We heard you the first time. Recruiting is tough, but spamming multiple posts isn’t the way.


Edit: lol, it didn’t have more detail when you first posted. Guess you found something where edit worked.

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Ain’t spamming anything u suggested more info about the team I put it in not my fault edit function doesn’t work on my phone

And your reply button was broken as well? And you had no browser on your phone or anywhere else either?

Or you could just not be bothered?

My reply works fine thanks just my edit doesn’t :blush:

Deleted due to merge topic answering my queries!

Good luck with your team. I hope you find who you are looking for

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Merged responses from the other thread into this one, as this posting had more details.

Thank u appreciate it

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