There's no way to join the attack of a teammate

I want to send rubies, egg tokens, embers, pearls and sigils :blush: but PG probably too busy for that

my version says 5.19.2+gn :flushed: , teammates say they get the “can’t join, newer version” error when trying to join my invites

Keep it on topic pls

Hey everyone, I know that this is being looked into - we’ll have an update later today.

See that’s just it…No warning,no email, you just update…we’ve declared War …Some people can defend …some can not…oh yeah …can not defend …please try later…And I Quote “Please seek Vengeance by attacking the player till we update”…:woman_facepalming:…tired of seeing the same notifications we’re on an older version and it’s your update from 2 weeks ago…hmm…

Another related post appeared.

This is a good point, I’ll see what we can do about updates/warnings, etc.

It will be too little too late for many players these wars should be nullified. So many players trying to make an effort, but can’t help. Frustation is real. And the variety of time zones makes it hard to catch up.

I can’t join or defend.
I have ios.
I try to delete the game and restart.
Same problem. 4 wars in progress, attack to castles.
Support do something!!!

In App Store the only version is 5.19.1.
I just check. Others players have 5.19.2.
Can the support DO SOMETHING.

There’s already a thread about this

It’s because the internal update is causing issues. =/

shut down atlas if we cant defense we take high revive loss due to not being able to defend @PGGalileo @DragonPunch

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@PGGalileo can maintenance bubbles in Atlas be done, and wars canceled until this is resolved?

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@PGGalileo I am also here to complain about this issue. Can’t join my wife’s attacks. She’s on iPad I’m on iPhone. Haaaaalp!

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When can we expect a update… this issue was known 10hours ago and still no update… do we try in war…? Do we not bother…? U do realise people put their time and effort into WARs jus to be fobbed off with generic responses is disappointing… it surely takes 2 minutes to realise there’s a fault and send mail nullifying unfair WARS… right?

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2 minutes to type up a mail, 1 and a half hours to manually go through and nullify the wars, then a couple more hours to fix what actually caused the problem. So just because gallileo is here all hours of the day and night everyone else at PG should be too?

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It’s been over 10hours since they acknowledged their was a error and we are still getting the same generic responses :joy::joy: we stayed up all night defending a war we can’t win fairly… why can’t they acknowledge it more then the generic ‘wait and see’ response

And gallileo isn’t a programmer. What else do you expect him to say? “Lemme make it all better with my magic wand while nobody is in the office” :roll_eyes:

He has a magic wand :scream: