TheUnited..Atlas team rebuilding 🤘

We are TheUnited ,we are a Atlas team with 3 castles . We are currently residing in Gold 1,but we are looking to rebuild and strenghen our Family. We had a split happen recently and need active,fun,chatty competive players to boost the team again .

[LFM Sub-Category]

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 1– TheUnited – Level 50+
Language: English
Time Zone: any
Age Range: Prefered 18+
Elite Account?: optional

TheUnited used to be a competitive team but due to a recent split needing of a rebuild. We are looking for active,fun,chatty ,competitive players that are up to the challenge of helping the team rebuild and become great again. Apply even when the team is full !. If you feel upto it or spoken to please contact me ingame : LukeImUrFthrTU .

Nice people :slight_smile: Wish you a good luck my dear team :pray:t3:

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