They lie when they say there is food

It really sucks when you go to hit a base and it says there is food and then there is it I am tired of wasting my healing potions PG needs to fix this


You act like you’re the only person hitting the base at any particular time or that people getting hit aren’t dumping their wood.

I take it you would want the wood/food supplies frozen just for your attack and the opposing player can’t do anything about it other than defend?


It may be because their food is under food protection.

Your storage provides the same capability and it can boosted with food production boost. So while you are coming up empty handed, anyone raiding your base would also come up short if your food is under protection.

It’s a two-way street. You just have to learn how to spot if a base has food protection on.

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This has been a thing since I have been playing. Yes, it sucks to get zero raid after raid. You get used to it after a while, and begin to even have a feel for when it will happen.

First and foremost, you can almost bet it’ll happen if the player you are attacking is online; they will see they are being attacked and spend or send their rss off before you complete your attack. During RSS events (Feeding and Fortification) there are a LOT of people competing for very little resources, so if someone attacks a split second before you, they get the RSS and you don’t (or you get less than you anticipated).

Way back when, I (and I am sure other before me as well) had proposed the RSS seen at the attack screen get granted to after a completed attack whether there were multiple attackers or not. If multiple people hit the same base, they would all get the RSS they saw when they clicked ‘Attack’. This got zero traction. The RSS economy is much better now than it was then, so it’s only really an inconvenience during Fortification and Feeding.

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Ya but 60 times. In a row there is something going on. And no my food storage is not for LOL

It’s a pain indeed, but when the food is protected it shouldn’t show what could you take if it wasn’t. If they just showed 0 I would be happier


Me And it would save us on our healing potions LOL that’s what makes me upset is losing those healing potions for nothing. But sometimes you do get to level up your dragon

There’s a few variables here: food protection, server lag in communication, or possibly someone else beat you to it, and again the server is lagging

So true my friend

We’ve all been there. Not that that’s very reassuring. Quit wasting healing potions expecting a different result.

Once the event has been going a few days, people will have already fed the majority of their dragons, and food will not be as scarce. If you just chill out until then, you are much less likely to get zero on raids.

Thank you make good Since to me LOL

Good approach . Thanks.

Not true. Food will not recover until after the event ends. You can always feed perches for points.

Ok, unless by “not as scarce” you mean you will be able to raid for 1k, then true. I don’t call 1k a successful raid, ever.


Feeding events just bore the sh!t out of me… Can’t get enough to feed my Ettin without wasting heals for twenty dxmn runs with 0 food payouts. Even nailing 22.5k for my perch every 20 minutes or so isn’t all that worth it. Anything but this to start out a season… :confounded:

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The server lag is a bish. My only recommendation is to check if the players is offline or online. I assume an offline player is a better variable in this scenario, as there are probably no transfers in place. So you are stuck with the variable of protection and server lag…

33% better chance of scoring food with offline player is helpful.

You are correct, it will still be more scarce than normal, but even on my lunch break today, I was able to raid for 20-50k fairly consistently. It’s all relative I guess.

I dont like this event. Maybe make this as a transition event done once in a season.

That day when xp earned is higher than the food loot:

Ive found that it helps to cut down on the risk of ghost res when i search for targets that have roughly same amount of resources, especially if lumber is most abundant during the start of feeding event.

Agreed that it sucks and no full proof way of avoiding. (that i know)

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At the bottom of that list you can click to shuffle through matchmaking.

I know.
You just missed the sarcasm.