They should ban dragon HP and dragon attack out of gold chests

I had 7 golden chests. And I opened them because I’m desperate for Inner fires. I got 2x 4 energy packs, 1x 15 energy packs, 2x 15 12h timers 1x 20dragon HP and 1x20 Dragon Attack.

My opinion: They should ban the dragon HP, dragon attack out of gold chests.

Where are the inner fire and sigil drops?


no then it will screw lower players and players that just start


Especially for your level 5 account… Maybe they can make the chestdrops better for people starting at a certain level


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: you remembered lol hey i am level 5 :face_with_monocle: but yea it will end up screwing lowers sadly that dont have stock piles like many of us i mean they can go into bronze but they wont do that we already know this

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Also opening 7 gold chests it’s always going to be luck of the draw you have to open a lot of chests to get guaranteed average resource returns


7 gold chests isn’t that many… the resources stack with each set of 10 that you open. If you’re looking for a high amount of inner fires, I would say about 150+ gold chests (maybe too low?) is enough, but that depends on how many of them you desire to get.

But then what about those who run out of them? What about those who use an absurd amount daily and struggle to get them back? Where would those players get them?


Please quit asking to have resources of any kind removed!

Please! :man_facepalming:

We need to add missing resources and currencies to all chests!
Yep increase the total composition of all chests runes included ! Crazy right :scream:

Then simply turn up the drop rate!!!
:man_shrugging: problem solved!


It seriously doesn’t take long to get enough even at that level. The drops should scale by player level. The higher you get, the drops adapts to the style of play - more backers, higher geared dragons = less hp / AP spells drop.

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Pg has said they will not… or they aren’t t able to scale drop by level ?
Insert excuse here :point_left:
Players have screamed for that forever! :man_shrugging: Good luck lol

But something needs to be done because currently the value of our activity Is pathetic!
Raise drop a tiny bit cough*
But removing resources is not the answer this has been argued to death lol

I just wish there was a custom toggle that you could set to on or off.

If the toggle is set to on then you cant get that drop and it will re roll the drop.

I.e the toggle works and prevents drops if you have this many of the item already and wont let you get anymore :

2,000 Dragon HP / Attack / HP pots
100,000 Black Pearl’s, Ice Shards, Fire Shards

Once you fall below that level you start getting the drops even if it is set to on.

I have more dragon buffs, pots, black Pearl’s, ice shards and fire shards than I’ll ever be able to use.

Wish I could just disable them given I have a lifetime supply.

I think XP potions, food packs and wood packs should be in bronze chest only given they dont scale and are useless past L100.


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