They told me to ask around for this portrait dark knight even bonus

The Shadow Knight? Which portrait are you looking for?

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That portrait was from an event in 2015 I think.

This one I believe, yes (taken on Ebony account).

Sorry, there’s no way you’ll be able to get this portrait. It was only available for a special event a long time ago. I’m not sure why the PG rep worded it like that (and is clearly incorrect); which is pretty concerning. Seems like he’s trying to sound like he knows what he’s doing while saying “I have no clue”. I would tag Jared to make sure he’s aware of what an awful response came of your question, but he’s on vaca. Hope this clarified for you.

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Yes thanks

Thé answer given by the employee seems like the answer u would expect for the pog avatar🤔

It does, but I thought they’re not releasing the Pog portrait anymore?

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The pog portrait was discontinued due to some license issue

Another reason why the game should re-release previous event dragons, evolution stones ,avatars and portraits

If I had a shot for every time I heard “bring back old evolution stones!” I’d have alcohol poisoning. The older dragons are mostly obsolete compared to the current season dragons (and probably higher lineage dragons) because the seasonal dragons’ power goes up every season (AFAIK). They’re not going to do it.
(I’m not trying to be rude. Just know that this has been discussed already.)

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I understand that point, the problem I face Is in some breeding. I missed a parent. I need evaluation stones to reach Breeding on one . Otherwise not that important

Ah, yes, understood. I never open the divines tab in the breeding castle, so I forget that they’re there lol.

Divines never have offsprings (except for the dodo family, which is already obsolete and you don’t even need the evolution stones for it).
So there’s no point asking the developer to bring back the extinct dragons :man_shrugging:

The old ones before seasons/Sigurd did :smiley: , but they’re early tiers - pre-sapphire. They’d just be to collect - maybe PG needs a Pokedex option for the people who feel incomplete without them :see_no_evil:


Ah Sigurd…my first sorcerer :heart_eyes:. Too bad i started at the end of that season and could only collect green evo for him. No wait i was like 5 sigils shy of green i rememeber cause it was so messed up it was funny lol

There r lot of portraits couldn’t get y ? I like most is dreadnought potrait , that’s very cool but only that team members can get that :pensive:

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