Things I Would Like to See Changed in 2021

@PGGalileo, Something I want to see changed is 20201 in wd, would probably be a new kingdom war. Each time we have the event, either the games glitches so terribly, players have to restart their devices, or the event doesn’t work at all. It can be really frustrating every time you want to attack the points come back as “invalid attack”.
Another thing that would be nice would be chat organization. Every time I log on, my chats are in different orders. I would like to see some type or organization between all group chats. Old team mates also have had issues with chat order being changed every time they logged on.

@moderators Redundant thread


Im not too concerned about what happens in 20201, I plan to have been dead for several thousand years


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Damn you guys are from the future!!! OH MY GAWD! WHEN DID PANDEMIC END!
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@zeroducksgvn prolly made another topic because our ideas in the original thread became hidden due to the sheer amount of ideas coming through.
I think this is a better method.


:see_no_evil:oops my fat finger hit another 0
I meant 2021 lol

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