Think Connivyl was bad? This season 50% off dragon is worst!

Hello all,

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just hate invoker and I’m very bad at flying invoker haha

Both Pezizo and Garmir are very bad in my opinion. Grumuk and Connivyl aren’t great but they are nowhere near as bad.

If you are able to use Garmir, please share a video of you flying so I can learn because I am struggling to 100% atlas invader with this dragon.


Usually for me I just get the discount dragon and never use it. Since it’s legendary I don’t expect anything from it

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Connivyl was never bad…who said that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::eyes:


excuse me,

although Connivyl is indeed bad, but still,
Connivyl > Grumuk = Pezizo = Garmir


Has there been videos of Garmir?

One time they offer us the choice to select class.
Now we get a sorcerer and invoker.
There should at least been a hunter available, even if not discounted, like before all this.

What a crap hole this has become


I decided to go for base and take on the legendary if I still had time. Personally I think the dragon’s quite week. If you watch the offical demo you’ll see even PG struggles to keep it alive. Probably best to perch and forget.

Out of luck here, you still can’t perch Invokers :smile:

I was actually for once excited for the discount dragon, I like invokers and it sounded interesting… but I haven’t tried it yet. I haven’t leveled past lvl 1 the last 5 or 6 discounted dragons anyhow


I havent gotten to fly it yet but it does not look too bad on paper. One thing that I think could be better is the chain lightning spell because there is not much skill expression in randomness. The bounce, that deals much more damage than the initial hit is random. It selects a tower in an area of 30 around the tower you hit (red mage covers 25 for comparison) and Im pretty sure if it was brought down to like 3-5 you could actually “aim” it or at least get a better chance of it hitting the tower you want it to. Or reverse it and let the initial hit do big damage and reduce it on the second part. Since orrery slows by -20 increasing the damage of the second hit by -66% shouldnt be too big of an issue

So far I’m not finding him to be anything special but at least he looks like a frosty dragon. I’m disappointed that the mythic reskins don’t have anything frosty looking at all.

For me he will stay at lvl 1 and only be used if a gold chest pops up in dragon missions. :woman_shrugging:

I wouldn’t judge based on PG’s videos but I sense some potential here but no videos of such potential yet probably because people are still practicing with it and soon I will too.

I’m not sure how this dragon is supposed to kill towers.
Invoke by itself does not do enough damage.
The lightning is unreliable and has a 4 second cooldown.
The freeze spell is red - which is an issue when your invoke doesn’t kill towers and you have to wait the 3 seconds for it to come back.

Worst dragon since Ozydias (summer 2020). I can’t believe this is the dragon that PG is marketing towards new players.

Connivyl is not bad. I would recommend testing it

It struggles to 100% 800k atlas beast when the dragon AP is at 1m lol

I’m very convinced it’s not a good dragon. I’ve discussed what makes a good starter dragon before with my teammates.

  1. Fun (or tolerable) to fly
  2. Relatively straightforward skillset.
  3. Has the means to beat a base at equal dragon: tower tier undefended. (Doesn’t necessarily mean you need to 100% a base.)

This dragon is none of the above. The last discount invoker dragon was waaaay better than this one.

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I think the freeze needs to be white. This might make it somewhat usable.

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I Just hatched Asuri on my alt. Seems like a really nice, fun invoker.

I tried flying that one a few times and it does it’s job damaging towers a lot better Garmir is just really difficult to understand.

Finally figuring out how to fly Garmir

I can 100% base with DP = to AP with a decent amount of HP left now.

The dragon is still bad, but much better than Pezizo lol