Thinking about picking the game back up... yay or nay?

I used to be a hardcore War Dragons player. It was the first mobile game I ever played longer than a week, and ended up playing for several years. Mainly E2P, hit level 400ish (I don’t have the game installed currently to know for sure, and I forget. I quit about a year ago +/-. Gear became pretty much the only thing that mattered, and I didn’t enjoy the gameplay enough to grind enough to maintain adequate gear - so I threw in the towel and started playing something else…

Given the pandemic and now crazy winter weather - I have found myself with more spare time than I am comfortable with, and have been toying with the idea of picking WD back up. Maybe continue my old account, although I’ve been gone so long it may be better to start over with an alt if there have been adequate catch up mechanics added in my absense.

So, old friends - has anything changed? Has anything gotten better or more balanced? Or should I just keep looking for something else to fill my new found extra free time?



same here. A lot has changed. Some good and of course some bad. C’mon back. I landed my first seasonal mythic f2p this year. The journey is on youtube. Could use a sub or a view or 2


A lot of catch up mechanics have been added to the game (although they could be better), and season structures are better than back in the day, so getting mythics is now easier


I think that if you want to come back, you can. You may find that costs of things have increased a bunch over the past year, but things are still manageable. You may also find that things require much more grind now than they did a year ago when Empyrean was the maxed tier. That being said, you may (or may not) be driven away all over again, if grinding is really what drove you away in the first place, but you could give it a shot. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing this time, you could leave again; nobody will be stopping you.

They have done a lot of things that have changed the game in many ways. Some of those things have been agreed upon, and others have not. Knowing how this community is, most players that see this thread will probably say “no, this game is pure garbage, I don’t even know why I’m still playing this piece of junk… save yourself, run away again, blah-blah-blah”, but I say that if you want to come back, and you don’t think the “grind” will bother you this time, you could come back. They have added a lot of things to the game to help players with that grind, and to make it a much more manageable and pleasant process. With the right playing strategy, things can go great. Just don’t let all of the new things discourage you at the very beginning of your gameplay resumption.


Stay away. You got out. Congrats! Don’t get sucked back in :joy:


Pick it up. Go F2P for a couple of events and see how you like it. Check to see if you find any old friends.


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The grind that killed it for me was for Elite Gear (or whatever the top tier was called). Legendary was already too much of a buff, so when the Elite came out, it completely ruined the fun for me. This is because I didn’t enjoy spending hours a day sniping entry castles or parking in NML to earn enough ‘glory’ earn/max elite gear.


The game hasn’t significantly changed since you quit. So if you weren’t enjoying the gameplay enough before, I can’t see you enjoying it more now.


That’s totally understandable. It can be hard managing a full elite set, let alone multiple. I can’t even bring myself to count how many times I’ve run out of fire shards while trying to maintain a fire defense set and one entire offensive set (working on a second for Nebulon), so it’s understandable why you feel that way for sure.


If you do decide to start playing again I would definitely spend some time researching and try to find a good team that works together and actually still has fun playing the game. It’s also important to find a team that suits your activity level but I’ve found being on a fun/social team will usually make you want to invest more time.
Good luck to you and hope you have fun if you do start playing again.


So the main question then becomes - is gear any better balanced than it was a year ago, or has it gotten worse (new tier of gear, gear buffs even more, etc)?

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I was on a team that bounced anywhere between S2 on a rough league shuffle, and D2. Very active, helpful, and good group of people - they were why I held on as long as I did. We had numerous castles of each shard type, some 2’s and a couple 3’s. They were pretty good and I appreciated them letting me tag along.

Currently you can forge Elite gear, and in the atlas season you can get four pieces of Mythic Gear by completing two branches and the gear branch. It however is a smaller boost from Elite to Mythic (10%) compared to the 20% boost Elite gives compared to legendary.

I personally have never gotten Mythic gear and I don’t feel like its necessary unless you are trying to compete at end game.


Roger. Maybe finding a team with similar activity but in a lower league would be better. I actually spent time in higher leagues and enjoyed the people and definitely the benefits but it was a little too much “business” oriented for me. I really enjoy playing with people that are still learning and progressing too because because I like being able to help them avoid the mistakes I’ve made and how excited they get.


I think gear has stayed “more or less” the same over the past year. They haven’t made many changes to it. It’s still the same. As long as you can tolerate what you couldn’t a year ago, you should be okay, although that’s not saying much to be honest.


Well bummer. That is pretty disappointing.

I may make a new account and enjoy the climb to re-attain Hau, but I know I won’t be happy with the exact same game being in the exact same position, only now a year further behind.

Thanks for the info everyone!


Just to echo what Seven said, a lower league may work for you - although gear hasn’t changed, in Plat people generally don’t have top gear.

One other point, league demographics have changed drastically. You have 400s and 500s scattered all the way through Plat now. The main differentiator between leagues is activity level.

Almost all teams in Plat have Atlas now, many without castles, many with little to no Atlas participation requirements.

There is a lot of variety to find a sweet spot for your desired participation level.


It depends on your life at home, imo. If you are single and/ or no kids I would consider a console or PC. If not it doesn’t hurt to try WD again and see what you think about the changes without commiting