Thinking of starting your own team? Don't. Enough already!

The game from Gold 2 down is going to hell-this is a huge problem.
I have been posting in all the league chat rooms on this subject-no one wants to discuss it or do anything about it, but I’m going to talk about it.
Everything below Gold 2 is a ghost town of teams that have 2 or 3 players. There may be a handful of teams better off, but that is the majority.
The teams that are better are getting promoted super fast - then getting to the higher level where there are full teams…pummeled by wars being declared on them by full teams-making their success with event points moot versus the points being lost in unequal team wars.
You can talk about teams joining each other and why til you are blue in the face in the league chat, but no one wants to hear it…or do anything about it.
I personally think a fair rule would be the smaller team joins the larger team-but ultimately, I don’t care if it’s a friggin coin toss.
Players with their own team have GOT to compromise if they don’t even have close to a full team.
What I don’t get is why. I have read tons of wikis about teams-THEY ALMOST ALL SAY THE SAME DAMN THINGS. If you have a small team…and there is another small team…and you both want the same things for the team, what’s the problem?? Unless you have a tyrannical leader, then the officers and the leader all work together to run the team.
Set the agreement in the beginning-leader plus 2 officers from the joinee team, the leader and 2 of the officers from the joining team would make up the rest.
You run it together-I have been running a team with 2 other people damn near since I started playing and it’s worked fine.
Have an officer chat set up…
There are not enough new players to go around either.

I know that posting this won’t really change anything-nobody is listening on this issue…but it felt good to get it out.


Why don’t some gold team merge together to have a full team of 50/50


I’ve been saying this for the last 18 months. And you’re right no one wants to admit that the game is failing due to over abundance of teams and not enough players to fill them.


idk, what if they want to stick with themselves? :thinking:

oh, and…

is the OP including gold 2 or not?

sounds including gold 2

sounds not.


Then that’s there fault for being selfish :man_shrugging:t2:

Don’t get me wrong…

I know how it is in lowers league as gold/bronze but if they want to climb up leagues, then they’ll would’ve merge what they have with other team to make them stronger as a whole then easy war declared targets for other teams.

Maybe they do want to stay as a non active team because of life :man_shrugging:t2: or just like everyone else’s company(As in a chilling team that don’t care much about events, atlas, or wars. Just purely for fun).

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i wouldn’t call it being selfish as i won’t really know what the deal is with -non-specific- them or the reasoning behind wanting to stick to themselves. -i can only guess that they’ve had a few or more bad exp of merges?

I honestly don’t know :man_shrugging:t2: Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s on them, leave them be, if they think there in a good position to do a merge then let them do it. If any player is tired of being in a low league then they can simply find a more competitive team to do so.

As far as I’m concerned my only reason to start a new team would be (very unlikely) that I’ve become crazy enough to want to become a leader :exploding_head:
But most likely because I want to name a team of my own… I generally cringe at teams with numbers or placeholder characters in them or that truly seem to make no sense… :persevere:


Just let people do what they like. At this point, it’s seriously a choice to remain in gold.


Exactly :sunglasses:

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thank you for at least being reasonable and not saying plat 3 or something. some people seem to think that would be a good idea. :expressionless:

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That’s the problem-they should merge, but won’t.
This whole ego trip of having to have your own team blah blah blah-that’s the problem.
Need to get rid of the ego trips and work together.

Gold 2 is not as bad…there are a lot of teams that aren’t close to full but not like the rampant teams of 2 or 3 people on down.

There are some that want to stay where they are…then there are the teams of 1 person or 2 people that are trying to recruit.

we had a bad merge. the team turned out to be lazy about event and quest participation…
but that’s the whole thing-unless you are a team demanding alerts, line app, reporting in etc. how many variations can there be leading? if you demand participation in events and wars and players doing their quests which is what the majority is…then find a team with the same rules.
3 people run my team. it’s a group decision type team versus a king or queen leader that decides everything.

well, that is the whole thing-starting a new team and thinking you can raise up through the ranks and get enough members to make a full team. too many people think this-and are wrong. It’s not how it is working.

3 of us lead the team…but when I joined it was called the whovians. I don’t even like Dr. Who lol.
this time I got to name the team which was cool, but not a huge deal.

Everyone is going to do what they want…the thing that i’m aggravated about is that there needs to be discussion in these leagues-most all of them are trying to recruit-a wake up call of hey, you are not going to recruit 40 people to your low level, tiny team-let go of the ego and find like minded people, join up and work together.

This is truly upsetting :scream: maybe we can change that :smirk:


this could also be from the fine dr seuss classic, Horton hears a who.

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