🤔 Requesting Information on Transferring Troops Bugs


Greetings All,

We’ve been seeing a sizable number of reports of players encountering issues with the Transfer Troops functionality. In order to better pin down the actual cause of these problems, I’d like to ask for your help with collecting more information about it if you’ve experienced similar problems.

A few examples include:

  1. Cannot transfer to teammates at the same Castle (menu says that you don’t have any ships/troops to transfer even though you do).
  2. Cannot transfer your Troops off of a Garrsion
  3. Cannot transfer your Troops onto a Garrison
  4. Your Daily Troop transfer limit to Teammates is 0/200, but it still won’t let you transfer.

Important details to include:

  • Are you on the same Castle?
  • Is the correct Primarch selected?
  • Is the Castle Neutral or Team-owned?
  • Does this only happen on certain Castles, or all of them?
  • Is the issue transient? i.e. does it sometimes work, or is it always broken?

Thanks for your help!


Not saying this is the only issue here (as I’m aware it is not),

But a change in functionality recently-ish is this:

If you want to transfer troops OFF a primarch to a garrison, it sometimes will only allow you to do this if the primarch is at its HOME. This happens mostly with my TAUNTER, not always.

As soon as I move it to its HOME all functionality returns.

Also, the direction is important. E.g. if I want to transfer TO the garrison, I have to use the transfer button on the castle (using transfer button on primarch will not allow transfer (shows zero troops).

If I want to transfer to the PRIMARCH, I have to use the radial transfer button from the prime.


I’ve ran into the exact same issues as @Gox1201, except instead of the taunter for me it was my seiger.


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