Third atlas season line?

I’m a big fan of the way season lines were implemented this season, the prizes are also spot on.

Perhaps next season an extra line could be introduced though?

It seams too easy to complete the lines given and a lot of us then spend half the season getting atlas chests, which are not great value, that or reducing atlas activity, which I am sure is not pg’s intention.

Obviously if atlas chests gave better return or cost less gp, this discouragement would be reduced. Perhaps the most preferable way to solve this would be a third line, possibly for a invicta specialist rider?

Not sure if this is a general issue but it is an issue in my team

Any thoughts?

nop… I wish I had this issue.


Add up how much money your team spends in a season.
Take a group trip somewhere nice instead.


Good thinking, total totted up, one of us will be enjoying a trip to the shop on bus. rare luxury thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Too easy” - thanks for giving PG a quote to use from a player when they jack up the costs. Appreciated.


I’m a hardcore player in D1. While some on my team finished all the lines, I’m trying (and not doing so well) to find a work/life/game balance. I can only imagine how difficult that is for those with families. I’ve made decent progress, but far from completing them all.

Just because insane junkies can crank them out in 6 weeks doesn’t mean it should be changed so that only those insane junkies can do them in 12 weeks.


I finished offensive gear 1, 2 and am struggling to finish the offensive rider before the season ends. Had two months of Atlas elite so far. I hate the new structure. I’d rather just spend the whole season working on a rider.

If prices go up any more, I will just have to give up.


You could always just give up on the rider (since the seasonal ones are pretty much the same stats) and just go for cheap shards of the currency you want? It’s super easy to claim the first few pieces of gear, good shards per the glory spent.

Yeah I guess I may end up doing that.

I hate the new structure as well. At least the riders should be extra line and not depend on the gears lines

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it doesn’t depend on the gear lines. you can claim either line and then select either rider with the shards.

IE: Finish offense line+rider line, Hire defense rider with the shards.

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Why get the offensive rider anyway? :thinking:

And, yeah, shards are frontloaded and ridiculously cheap if you forgo the first gear pieces for shards.

I’m not getting the rider. I just wanted the portrait. :grin:

I hate this new Atlas Season prize structure! Its unacceptable. I used to be able to get a rider and maybe a little gear. Now theres no way i can get near a rider. Member of our team es the most, 1.2m Glory this season, even she cant get close to a rider! Totally unfair to those of us that dont play that hard. Her current riders are almost experts as are her Primarks. What incentive does she have to keep playing Atlas??? Let us earn riders, then we will want gear and other goodies. Dont take everything away.

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Gating the riders is OK for me, they aren’t even as good as the seasonal riders which are much easier to get. They were also usually the most desirable line so it makes sense that they made them more difficult to get, to spur people to be more active to obtain them.

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While I get that and support it to some degree, players are now forced to get one in main season line. What does that do for the new players or none spenders? They typically get the discount dragon… riders are needed, hard for these players to be competitive without…

This Season Atlas prize structure is totally unfair and unacceptable. Might be fine for the big spenders but not for the majority of us! I get the most Glory on my Platinum 2 team, 1.2m this season. I will finish all the Offensive gear but that’s all. Every other season I have gotten a rider and some gear. All my riders are almost expert as are my Primarchs. What incentive do I have to keep paying $20. a month for Atlas Elite once everything is done? I have paid this for over a year, gladly, but I will no longer need/want it soon. None of my teammates have even gotten close to finishing the gear lines, I figure this holds true for most, if not all, Platinum league players. Since there are a lot more of us then there are of the Diamond and Sapphire players, you are cutting a HUGE portion of your player base out of Atlas fun and fortune. This is unacceptable. Atlas should be fun and profitable for all that play it hard, not just for those who spend tons of $$$. I and many, many players are on a limited budget, I do so well because I’m disabled and have unlimited time to play. Stop crippling us further and let those of us who work hard to get good prizes!

I did one full offensive, and one prim too.
Without Atlas Elite, from a friendly team.


How many times per day are you building troops?
If you’re building 5-7x a day and getting 1.2m glory for your $ and Time that is an extremely inefficient troop:glory ratio…

Atlas Elite, Season 100% completed…
Inventory Increase
~+350k troops, +220 bull horns

I did the 2 defensive line and 1.5 primarch boost without elite