This account and people bashing me and my team, saying account was stolen not gifted



Please make the final verdict public for everyone to see


@PGJared @PGCrisis, @pgCampusLifer, I requested you share all data I submitted for return of my account level 370 (prior to last fortification event) back to me currently in possesion of @xTEXASx and he requested you share your final response.

All data pertaining to my account should be reviewed and considered. These screenshots are in chronological order:

Below is my ticket submitted through the online support #447134:

Through the in-game support ticket #448646 in which a PG representative actually returned my account back to me (because it is the right action to take):

I am omitting the answers to these questions

I was told to contact PG once I was ready to take my account back and so I did back in November 21, 2017… Follow your values and honor your written statement made by Daniel on October 23, 2017.


Ah the risks of sharing an account. Good Luck!


Oh dear. :sweat::confused:

You can tell there was some frustration in the original request. The subsequent request was for a temporary account swap and PGs Specialist Team authorized a temporary account swap, not a permanent one.

I have no vested interest in this but that is the logical conclusion I see. The request doesn’t matter, PGs decision to grant a temp change of ownership is the pertinent point.

I request things all the time but PG says no. Does this mean I should receive all the things I requested? :joy::joy:

Good luck


Why don’t you show all of the conversation? I see you only took screenshots to benifit your side of the story

How about the first one when you came to me asking if I wanted your account and if not you were going to sell it? (Does that one ring a bell?)


You could tell from her first post to PG that when she first decided to leave it was out of frustration and that she fully wanted to quit… BUT when the account transfer happened it was fairly clear it was agreed with PG that it was temporary and as she pointed out even you agreed to give it back if she ever wanted it, which she now does… Unless she is also hiding something that occurred AFTER that?

either way i feel for both of you. crappy situation all round. Good luck sorting this one PG.


You mean the fact that she thought pg wouldn’t gift it and we came up with a lie about why it needed to be gifted so it would actually happen? She can show those messages also


There is a lot to the story she is afraid to present



That said, it does appear here that you specifically said that if she ever wanted back to just let you know…


My two cents:

If Texas spent money on the account, there should be some sort of compensation. I understand time has a value but one could argue you got value out of playing a higher level account than you had at the time.

If not, I think the account should be returned to the original owner.

Lesson learned - won’t be loaning my account out. Though I did gift my Hobbit KOM account after I quit that game so who knows.


I think PG has better things to do that sort out compensation between two people…

IF it was decided it was a gifted account, he should keep it (regardless of how much she spent).

IF it was a loan, then he should not (regardless of how much he spent)


I guess I was hoping the two individuals could sort it out and acknowledge there was some vagueness on both sides (of what I’ve seen). Not really PG’s responsibility IMO.


I think it became PGs responsibility after they honored the return of the account and then allowed it to be taken away again.


I saw something similar… ended with a ban :man_shrugging:t2:

But PG was not so involved


The first return of the account was a mistake and was resolved when it was given back to me… But in the end PG will have to make the FINAL verdict and we will just wait until then.


If i were to give a verdict on this? Ban the account.

Unless the original owner can visit PG’s office to make a claim for the account, then that is possible (if they allow it). However, changing anything like email will not be granted anymore to make sure the other party can’t claim it again.


Yes, PG will make the final decision. However, you chose to open this process up to public scrutiny and the public will scrutinize.

PG made an agreement with the original account holder to return it when requested. That was done whether you consider it a mistake or not. There was no agreement with the original account holder to give it away a 2nd time yet that was also done.

A judge would have no issue returning property to the original owner. Even if the temp holder had put money into it that doesn’t change the original owners rights. Ask Judge Judy, she does it all the time. :blush:

Honestly Texas I don’t know you and wish you no ill will but it is a cut and dried case from all angles. I would be very surprised if PG decided not to honor their original agreement with the original account holder. It sets a bad precedence to go back on their word to a customer. Especially when they follow proper procedure to stay within the tos.


Whaaaaaat? :thinking::thinking::thinking: why ban the account? Why does the original owner (or anyone for that matter) need to physically travel to PG’s office to resolve something?
What does your last sentence even mean?!


to prevent the other party from claiming it again. because from what I understand, it looks like it was claimed again by the other party after it was given back to the original owner.


Pg gave it back to me

And when I mean PG I don’t mean help desk