"This App is not available for your device"

Sometime in July '22 out came a wd update that made the app unplayable on my Samsung tablet. I deleted the app and when I went to the Playstore to redownloaded it simply wasn’t there. On the wd website i get the message “This App is not available for your device”… I have cleared related cache and data …

Maybe it’s a network issue or they removed access for android users?

You probably have a too old device ( software ) and it no longer supports the application


…come to think of it, the wd update was end of June, 2022

Probably not the device but the Android version. I don’t think wd can even block specific devices, but the OS requirement did get upgraded recently (to Android 8+ I believe)

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That’s what it looked like to me too but the device is only 2.5 years old. I can still play wd on my old iPhone 5s… so I am still not convinced but hey, I am still waiting for a response from the developers…

Android 7.0 is 6 years old, and security updates ended late 2019. Nobody should be running that anymore, if your device is really that new it came with an unsupported OS. Check with your manufacturer for updates

I will look into upgrading the OS then! I thought it was on auto-update…

lmao check Android version. its like 5-6 years old

dont bother hardware is too old too

Yes, I meant that having an old device probably has a version of the software that is no longer compatible with the application :raised_hands: