This can’t be right

I feel like this might have been paid for…where do these people come up with these reviews?

The only thing I agree with is the understanding of monetisation.


Obviously the reviewer doesn’t know about the sapphire wall


With enough money you can enough rubies to get right over that no problem


Are you saying what you’ve spent on the game isn’t “undoubtedly a good value”? :thinking:

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It was a much better value when I started for sure.


Look at the date!

Wonder what they would say now? :thinking:

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I didn’t dig into any other articles or read the About section for the site, but clearly aimed more toward non-players and reads more like a recruiting ad or to target would be investors. Every bit of it was about how it generates revenue.

So yes, I’d say it is right…the question is whether they’ll maintain that ability.

So I am logged in as my main account in game…the account and profile read main…but the post used my alt?

Account sharing…banned :smiley:


It’s all about money now pay for play
Pay more get less

Isn’t that a pretty old article? Could be wrong but I thought I remembered reading that awhile back maybe like 6-8 month ago?

They definitely understand $$$ it’s reported they are making upwards of $62,000 daily obviously that’s an average but still I’d say they are doing alright lol

It’s 3 months old

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Or the garnet one that comes after it :laughing:


This is all I needed to see, it all makes sense now:


Pocket Gems is still experimenting with how to monetize War Dragons. It doesn’t have “pay to win,” and it doesn’t force players to spend money in the free-to-play game if they don’t want to. If you buy the in-game currency, rubies, with real money, you can spend the them on upgrading buildings or speeding up constructions. But you can earn rubies in the game over time.

April 2015

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I believe the technical term is an era, or possibly an epoch. :man_shrugging:



The trips down memory lane. When we were young.

Remember, Panda? The world was ours for the taking.

“War Dragons represents the beginning of an entirely new chapter for Pocket Gems marked by deeper, richer games that will appeal to a new audience,” said CTO and product lead Harlan Crystal.

“We’re excited to share what we’ve built and plan to continue active development over the next several months to meaningfully evolve the game.”

~April 2015

Everyone has a different take away, so far I have seen improvement but at what cost…it really was such a different game and landscape back then. I hope they can bring some of it back.

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You’re starting to sound like the old geezer down the pub who’s always talking about how things used to be :joy:

That being said I never experienced it so can’t comment. Am glad that changes are afoot though and I hope they make improvements.