This can’t be right


The reviewer looks like a noob lol


I was about to point out that exact thing :joy:


I mean I have seen people who are bad at sports but can analyze it. This article is just complete bullshit. I hope people reading it don’t believe it.


Saying the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he has no game is like saying stock analyst doesn’t know anything about playing football (US or rest of the world style). He is a business writer for a tech business review site… admittedly he’s not a good writer…and it comes off more like an infomercial, but his audience is toward investors and would be tech developers. So what if he knows crap about what has actually been developed or what we’ve gone through… are going through… as an investor and as a developer I don’t buy what he’s selling either though lol.


He is only aware of the early game which has a much easier level of progression. It takes like no time to get the ball rolling on some dragons and resources are plentiful. I remember having the same perception when I first started like oh wow everything is so plentiful why would I ever bother buying elite or spending money… etc. So that may have affected his perception

He probably would think gold dragons are a grind… let alone the sapphire wall Lmao


Players are still spending, maybe more so now than last year.

If the paying players really do feel like they were being ripped off, they would be spending less. Therefore, the author is right in his observation. Then this thread is ironic. :see_no_evil:


I still don’t think it’s a good value. And his views are narrow. I do think PG know how to squeeze and monetize though.


Then stop spending Panda. It’s your money, no one has the right to force you to spend it on something that isn’t worthwhile. :rose:


No shit? Is that how disposable income works? I’ve been doing it all wrong. I used to write on the forums too under duress, but thanks to you I’ve been liberated and can now start doing it of my own free will. How insightful.


Don’t be a punk. :roll_eyes:

I can’t understand why ya’ll keep spending when it makes you unhappy. For some of the sharpest people I’ve met on the internet, ya’ll make no sense at times. :expressionless:


They have to penny pinch man, otherwise how else could they afford Bugatti insurance?


People all do for different reasons. For some it’s nostalgia to some degree. You remember how the game was and hope some of it is restored. For some, addiction. They just can’t help themselves. For others, it’s their only contribution and value they can provide. A few do it so they can keep going because they see the future of what the game can be and hope they can hold out and want to see it’s evolut. I’m sure there aren’t lots of reasons, feel free to pick any of one :man_shrugging:


For the record, I’m presently (and have been for a while) elite-only.

So, while my posts were meant somewhat ironically, given where the game has gone since I began, I don’t really think my 5 bucks a month makes me inconsistent.

(And maybe you were not talking to me.) :+1:


The post was meant for those who are unhappily spending. But Panda explained it very well, a viewpoint I wasn’t aware of … feelings run deep. :hugs:


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