This event is BS


DieFirma has taken over Fortress Ashengard! Your team killed 64.1% of the wall. Kill more for a higher chance to win + more bounty. Bounty: 22,063 Victory Points.

This is complete bs first of all. We literally own 0 forts but because we don’t kill 70% of the wall it doesn’t become ours? Complete BULLSHIT.


You need read the rules.

If you can get 70% , you own it right.
If you are below , maybe you have greater chance for, but that isnt sure .
The best 4 teams are inside this calculation, and to be inside you need to have over 5%.

You can see, if a rival team beat 30% and your team 65%… the other team will have the chance to win it aswell, maybe not good as you but still.
I would say, focus on good fortess, where you gain good points and still will help your team :slight_smile:

King of the Hill problems
Как они считают победу?

I’ve read the rules. Its still BS.


Well, you dont know how high the chance for your win is , dont you…?

Maybe in that situation otherwise you would had win 2/3, or 3/4… but this time not, so that happen to all of us.
If you focus on, probably you will win a different one with lower % , so that you have chances by many ones … and win probably more .

I know its very sad if it is a that big one… but that is how the game is…
And to be honest…
This event is GREAT… much better then other energy events … after Assault.



Unrelated note, What the heck is this message?


I agree the calculations for this event need to be tweaked. This is something that was discussed with the developers when I was there for the atlas release party. Still doubt they will fix it but … all we can keep doing is making constructive criticism to let them know we are unhappy.

Instead of cussing them out. Give your opinion and maybe a resolution to the problem. They are always open to ideas. You never know if your idea might be the one they see and finally get the picture.


Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, maybe?

At least now the lottery is only amongst the top 4 teams, if no one killed more than 70%. I believe it used to be that anyone that killed 5 or 10% got into the lottery. So be thankful that was changed.


I can definitely see both sides to the story here.

On one side a team could be upset that they didn’t get a fort after putting in significant effort. On the other side weaker teams wouldn’t stand any sort of chance of getting any forts if it was just a simple majority.

So I do agree with the lottery system that is provided, but perhaps moving the guaranteed takeover from 70% down to 50% since if you kill the majority of something your team probably deserves it.

I think that would lead to a few more guaranteed victories and more teams really putting in the effort for strategizing which forts to hit and how much they want to take


This even used to be a complete mess until PG took some our feedback and tweaked it to where it is now. Much better than it used to be, not sure it is where it needs to be.


I agree myself and two others of my team was hitting on there was no one else we where the top hitters and when my wife hit the last time we noticed it was given to team that never even hit that base


That’s almost completely impossible. A team has to hit in the top 4 teams to even be considered to win it, unless you mean the Blackbloods won it?

And I say almost impossible, cause, well, PG…


Unless you were checking after every run/raid, it isn’t unreasonable that a team with a few people with full bonuses could snipe it away (or at least enough to be in the top four with over 5%). The announcement afterwards would also tell you what percentage your team got, so until it was over 70%, probably not bugged…


I feel like I should apologise for your frustration with the event in its current state. :upside_down_face:

This event has a bit of history. It is way better now than it was.

First up it was the team with the highest kill on a fort that won it. A certain team who shall remain nameless… won every fort on the map. The other teams in that nameless league really didn’t like that so much. :rofl:

So PG changed it to be random, as in your team could kill 99% of a fort and some other team could get the last kill and win the thing… This was PG’s version of ‘fair’ since everyone had a chance! However for the ungrateful player base that caused a little angst as teams realised while they had rejoiced at a measure stopping said certain team they were not any happier when said measure impacted them :disappointed:

Now we have this version. It’s way better than the random version. Be careful what you ask PG you just never know how they are going to interpret and implement what you ‘want’…


I don’t take kindly to being called a lier me and my wife are checking we are not idiots here we both seen we had the base as top attackers but after my wife hit the last time it gave to a team that wasn’t even attacking so what’s with that … If we made the kill shot why would another team get it in war or Battle whomever takes the kill shot gets the spoils not who ever hits more


No one is calling you a liar, we are saying that it is almost impossible for that to happen. A team MUST be in the top 4 attacking teams in order to win a base, unless it is the Blackbloods. The Blackbloods get the base if the winning team already owns 4 bases that are higher than that one.

Maybe read the rules of the event? It does not go to the highest attacking team unless they destroy 70% of the base…


And without screenshots of the list of attackers, right before the base was destroyed, and a screenshot of who won it, no one is going to believe that it went to an attacking team that was not on the list of teams that had attacked it.


@DargonFyre I think the servers were a little late to show that another team attacked the fort along with you. This kind of delay often happens…


This is why I wish PG would show player levels on the forums. Level 56, gold league, next to highest level player on his team. I highly doubt he understands how the rules for the event work, much less understands what we are trying to explain to him.


But you keep saying ALMOST impossible lol so that means it could and I’ve seen it first hand happen so why try to discredit my info instead of looking in to it … Plus with all the code that’s goes in to this game not counting the countless glitches and “ghosts” going on here how can you say even for a split second Impossible. I’m no computer programmer but I’ve got common sense to know anything here can happen


Lol really what are you 12 this is not my first game and yes I’m only lvl 56 but I’ve gotten here in half the time yeah I may not have big boy power lvls like you but it’s not Rocket science to see how it works so please don’t insult my intelligence … Now the response that I got from @Kardul is a intelligent response please take notes thank you