This Explains a Lot


BBB is the P2W for businesses, though :rofl: but still :see_no_evil:

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thats why the intro said, this game is build by a little group :houses:

You think they would be an at A++ then

BBB claims customer reviews are so bad that it defies the laws of math, citing a 112% negative review score.

(You see, the review score percentage is based not on the base number of reviews, but the number of reviewers after modifiers and boosts…)


I wish I could like this 10 times :rofl:


This is bad. PG should have someone working to resolve these complaints. :flushed:

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But that would require PG to actually care and put some work into fixing the game. Too much work for no immediate monetary payoff. They will just continue to ignore us and release more money grabbing dragons, events and buildings.


Hey guys! While I understand the concerns here, this really is bringing no value into helping improve the game.

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Hey folks,

I’m not going to go into my issues with how the BBB is run or how their resolution system works, but suffice to say we try to respond to every complaint that comes in. One of the reasons we have a low rating is that customers determine whether the issue was resolved or not, and over 70% of our complaints are from people who had their accounts banned for cheating. Since we’re not giving those users their account back, they can just mark the complaint as unresolved and we get dinged for it.