This is a 2 part recruitment (Platinum and alt)nu

We are very serious about moving out of platinum 4 and sustaining it. We are super active, lots of communication, structured, team oriented and like any great team a goofball family. We are mostly 18+. Looking to recruit a few high level players to help us make the push. We have a few bigger solid players and our lower levels work hard and are determined. We are a little short on the non-US, S.A. players. Seeking Australian, Asian, African and European players who are war dependable and good communicators. Very strongly prefer a line account. Even if it can’t be maintained we really want to open up Atlas so please if you are up to a challenge please apply, I know it says full but we still want you.

The second part is as before stated we are full but are finding our lower levels struggle with PvP so have a separate team currently in bronze, looking to move up to at least gold. Looking for players with alt accounts looking for a place to grow. We have several of our alts there and a few of our smaller players. Looking to move some of our other smaller players there as well. Not looking for as much dedication yet for that team but once the numbers are up would like to make that one competetive too. If you know someone looking for that situation let me know.

All levels welcome on the alt team. Looking for 75+ if not US based or 150+ if you are for the main team. You can message me on line at ID emberphyre (comes up Mrs Ember) or in game at Uremberempress. Fastest way to reach me is line but I will respond to your in game messages. Please understand if we have war you may need to wait a few hours. Look forward to flying with you and if you choose another route Happy Hunting and thanks for reading. Feel free to join us on line to get to know our dysfunctions if you’re on the fence


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