This is a tough choice what movie would you watch first new movie added

Was asked if all these movies released the same day which one would you watch first

#1. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
#2. John wick 4
#3. Avatar 2
#4. Dead pool 3
#5. Ghost busters:after life
#6. Jurassic world Dominion
#7. Resident Evil: welcome to raccoon city
Me I’m gonna pick avatar 2 been so long I’m well aware they are making the second and the third right now

John Wick 4, no questions asked. The direction is top notch and the editing is quality.


Not gonna lie. Didn’t expect to see clickbait titles on a forum with no monitization. That’s a new one.

Also “I couldn’t decide” then decides in the first post.

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Avatar 2

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The Last Airbender? :smiley::wind_face:
Or the blue people?

Probably Avatar and Deadpool tied.

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Avatar 2 is coming out December 16 2022!!!

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100 % agree, JW4!

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If it comes down to it I would choose Avatar

Jurassic World 4! Good taste!

Trolling aside, as a transformers fan and collector, please don’t continue that Bayverse travesty that was The Last Knight. I’m too scared that Avatar 2 will ruin the franchise and Ghostbusters:Afterlife better be good. The last Ghostbusters was horrid despite having a stunning comedic cast and Hemworth’s “dumb guy” routine somehow managed to steal the show 🤦

For me, it would also be John Wick 4. If we can nominate others, I’d drop everything to go see a Nightmare before Christmas sequel…

Edit: OP changed Last Knight continuation to the new Rise of the Beasts title. Bring on Beastformers! Can’t wait to see a big screen Dinobot…

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Trust me he is not going to ruin avatar with the next sequels far as I know there will be 5 movies total

Are you talking about Jurassic world Dominion

No, that would be Jurassic World 3.


John Wick 4 all the way!

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I love John wick but I gotta see the next avatar been over a decade since it come out

Avatar 2, but Ghostbusters is a close second.

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Good choice

JW 3 im really really really excited for this movie, and Deadpool 3 I loved the other 2 so much I hope it’s in the works and that it’s still rated R

If nobody could kill you wouldn’t you be a wise cracking smart Alex butt hole