This is just wrong... make it right PG

We all know that the most important part of having a dragon rider is to see that little character riding on the back of our dragon, waving their sword and cheering on as we bring destruction to someone’s base. So why my friends does the rider not appear when bonded to one of the dodo dragons? They get the boosts of course but there is no little person clinging on for dear life as one of these majestic creatures elegantly flaps across an opponent’s base. No little rider cheering Dodo on as he/she rains fiery purple fireballs down upon the innocent. This is outrageous, Dodos deserve the same rights to riders as any other dragon. Im starting a petition to have this injustice corrected and for our beloved dodos to be shown with a rider helplessly clutching onto their backs. Make this right PG
#DodosAreDragonsToo #EqualRightsForDodos #DodoLivesMatter #InTheArmFlippersOfADodo


I’d bet a solid $20 that the rider has the same issue as with Merkt - the rider is in his tummy.


Omg just thought about putting a rider on Jura :scream:

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Let me ask you which rider is supposed to be on Dodo?

Because according to my latest intel Kayla is invisible on all old dragons (lineage drags), only the most recent divines have her shown (Kinnarus and Moonfang for example)

I see Kayla on Sage, he’s Spring 2017 Divine. Just saying as an example :blush:

Yes, I need to amend my former statement as I knew that she’s visible on Kinnarus as well.

I see Kayla on Whale and Cons, fwiw.

I hate you :angry:

She’s also visible on frost :slight_smile:

It is her but Ive had her on Kinnarus, Whale, Danzig, and Cerbero and she appears on each of them but not our beloved Dodos :cry::cry:

Because Dodos are so small there’s not enough space for a rider? Does it work for bulky Grogg on Dodo?

NOM NOM NOM :slight_smile:

I opened the ticket because she was not visible on my Danzig. We tried everything, and the CS said that Kayla wasn’t synced with the old dragons. It was a few days ago.

Now after all the bondings Kayla is back on Danzig, and hell, I only have her buff, not the embodiment.

Let me rephrase Avril Lavigne: “What the hell?!”

My Kayla swaps between Frost and Hau… She shows up on both. I’m also on iOS… dunno if that makes a difference.

I am certain that PG has been working on the Kayla incident, so most likely pretty soon she will operate as she should.

I am on Android btw. Don’t know whether it’s important

I am happy to read that she works for you, guys, and fingers crossed for everyone else. :crossed_fingers:

I don’t have Danzig yet, but she shows up on Ettin and Hugin for me, also on Android.

I have just made this screenshot

What happens if you put a rider on the twins? Do they clone into two? Do they float between them and try to straddle them?

I haven’t tried it yet, but it might be fun to try… :crazy_face:

Only on one dragon, not cloning or floating for the rider.

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