This is Naja(94Lv) play video and problems with riders

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I got the Naja, I raised it to the maximum level I can grow,
All runes are also mythical.
This is a YouTube video taken this morning after I got it up.

Here are some of the sad things I felt after playing.

  1. The reloading of the ammunition of Naja is too slow (like Namaka / Morak, “I need to reload immediately”, it is too slow.)

  2. When playing in Atlas, the “Healing Mark (Hunter Mark / Healing Mark)” cannot be used for building objects (this must be “fixed”).

  3. The rider “Suresh” has too few characteristics, and the figures are low.
    (To be precise, it’s the first rider with the Invoker option, but the numbers are too low,
    (DAttk14 / DHp16 / Rg10%)
    There is also no “characteristic”. Please increase the value, or add “property”.

• I hope you leave your comments! (People who read my posts in the forum)

• I hope you understand the control mistake of the video I took, I picked it today haha​:sweat_smile::rofl:

• And I am Korean,
I did not speak English well, so I wrote it through a Google translator. :rofl::joy:

I may have been too excited, but. Too disappointed.:poop:
And if there is a defender,
It is expected to be terrible.
Bullet too slow😂


Thanks a lot for your video!

Your Naja is lvl94, I think you should be able to level it to lvl97 if you have two Eldritch dragons according to Neon WD.

Can you tell us which runes you used?

I agree that the dragon does look slow, it’s sad that Morak as a legendary seems to be able to kill some bases quicker, although Morak will struggle with long bases due to no healing.
But I still agree that for the fast pace battle style in Atlas it could be a problem.

100% agreed.
I have linked two posts from PG in this post, one shows Arelyna saying in December 2019 that they are working on a fix but no other reaction from PG yet.

He’s decent but could surely be better. It’s sad that this rider costs so many more sigils than older riders like Ano/Reginald which can also be used on Invokers and give much higher stat boosts. For the new price Suresh should surely be better.

It would be great if you could make a video with defenders! :grin:

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These are my runes😁

Naja’s level is the maximum level I can raise.
(Den is limited by 113, so level up is no longer possible)


Slow don’t means weak.
NAJA is well balanced, with an instant reload will be Overpower.
U have a white cloack, u have a continuous white invincibility shield, u have a free rage/heals spell, u have a free death gaze every 3 second.
NAJA is Well Balanced as she is.


Might want to clarify with “on paper”. Unless of course you have flown it and/or seen a bunch of flights personally, in which case i’d clarify with the experience that allows you formulate that statement.


Brava, still well balanced.

Invokers are already high power dragons and any more boost from the rider will make any invoker op. Specially with all the mythic runes and glyphs you got on Naja it will make him a lot more than Over powered :boom: :joy: at that level there won’t be any base to stop him. Even defended :grimacing:

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You guys say that my naja is strong, but I disagree.

The reason is that Morak, the legendary invoker of the previous season, has an ammo reloading skill (even the 4th summon skill has a high% damage and has the same function).

In fact, Morak is better than Naja
The speed of breaking the base is faster.
(Even if Den is unlocked, he can level up and become more powerful, but without “ammo reload”
You won’t be able to break the tower
And because it doesn’t exist, it’s very slow.

What this means is,
Morak is a legendary dragon
Naja is mythical dragon.
If the tower limit is lifted and higher,
"Even if the basic hit was good
If the higher tower limit is lifted,
It will be slower than the sand,
You will not be able to break properly. "

Naja is an invoker, 4 shots is the limit, you have to wait for the reload time, you can’t break the tower and it’s slower Do you think this makes sense?

Rider Suresh
It doesn’t have any traits, the basic numbers are low, and it’s an expensive rider.

These two must be upward.

Later, I think that someone should get Naja and talk about the play video and disadvantages to achieve upward.

This will just be an expensive weak dragon.:rage:

According to the video from you tube. Naja is much stronger than danav. No doubt!

Take it easy man. I know you spent some money on that dragon. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that dragon must be unstoppable over power. Pg said that long time ago they won’t launch a dragon that overpower.

If this dragon is that much more powerful than danav, then I made the right decision to sit out this season.

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Skill wise naja got shorter cd time. And toggle on skill naja is shield than danav attack bonus. Shield is much better than attack when defending!

No one trusts PG at this point. They really don’t play enough to understand the game as it exists today. They certainly would not know what balance is.

I mean if we think this season mythic not worthy spend money or time. Just sit back. Do the event easily. Spend less time or no money on it. We wait and see what happen!this is what i am going to do.

Hey folks,

Just wanted to chime in that I read through this and I’m making sure the team sees the feedback.


My Naja, as you can see on the YouTube video, you know, there are no defenders.
It is too slow and frustrating even without defenders.

I’m not asking you to make it so that even if the defender is stuck,
To be honest, Morak is better than Naja, so don’t forget that Morak is the legendary invoker of the previous season. He can wake faster than Naja and is not stuffy.

Those who get the egg afterwards
I think the complaint will be substantial. never.

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Invokers have a long recharge time for their ammunition after firing four.
Later, when the tower limit is lifted and a higher tower comes out, it will cause great frustration.

No smash (even if there is only one defender)

Rider Suresh
Rider with the option of the first Invoker.
Basic values are also too low
(Disappointing too much for the price)

With this rider (Suresh)
I was so disappointed with Naja (weak invoker without reload).

You have to listen to the user.


Seems like a pretty decent dragon to me… I can see myself leading with him and if heavily defended and I fail at least I can clean up with full rage with Faf’Nyr. There’s no way this invoker doesn’t do serious damage before going down even if defended.

All in all, mythical dragons were too weak in the recent season (not suitable for atlas, hunter mark or healing mark cannot be used for object building)

So users have less interest and expenditure on the mythical dragon of the season, and disappointment is also great.

If you do this, the backlash will increase, and your spending will naturally decrease.


thanks for the video by the way…

and i agree Suresh is pretty lame.