This is the cheapest route to mythic?

Both discount branches then the rider branch I figure I just get the last key from token branch since I could use some extra stuff

I would go for a pylon branch as a third one. Gold chests and timers make it more attractive. Unless you haven’t good riders, of course.


Technically the cheapest would be
Both discounts
First 3 keys from each rider line (31,400 for 6 keys instead of 35,500)
Whatever for your 19th

However you’d be missing out on alot of stuff and only saving 4100 sigils

Ill be saving my sigils to take advantage of Amalia’s 20% extra prizes if she’s good, then I’ll do the pylon for my 4th line


But you know how expensive it gets deeper in the line

What do you mean? The whole line costs nearly the same as rider. And if you are taking both discounts and boost branch, I assume you should be able to get one complete branch during the rest of season. And in that case, if it will be just one branch, I would go for pylon. If two more, then as Zero metioned - the one with 20% exrra resources and then the pylon.

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Guys, What exactly meaning of PVP? PVP Stands for?

Player versus player

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ah…i thought President versus President :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:



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Yes, Zero is right. Recap,
This would be both discount line total 17750+18000 = 35750.
Both rider line get 3/6 keys which is 15700*2 = 31400.
The last one, assuming you’ve already got 100% boost of Mission Bonus, then you just 2700 more to get 19th key, that is 5850.

You need 35750+31400+5850 = 73000 to earn your mythic. This’s pretty much the cheapest way for most players.

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