This is the dragon new skill?

why the dragon fly so fast sad can not defend

ahahahaha WTF ??Cheating

send a ticket to see someone get banned

@TheRedDelilah @Lutrus

See evasion runes really do work!


Awww man! And I’ve been dusting them all this time?!

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As @Herablitz said, make a ticket and include this link and maybe spell out or screen shot the person’s name too. Thanks for sharing though!

@Arelyna @pgjared, I’m pretty sure the noc flyer said “gold”; pan them please :rofl:

Bring the pan upon them.

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My neck hurts now. I’ll be sending you my chiropractor bill. :upside_down_face:


Legit. He knows how to fly. :+1:t4:

It’s a replay, and those are full of glitches. Can it be possible that they actually used four Dragons that have not been seen attack, but did destroy towers? Icicle was used to finish the job and to show the actual victory the replay had to fast forward the damages and Dragon. There’s a lot of inconsistencies in this theory, it certainly requires a look from PG, but I’m not going to trust a medium such as replay videos to convict anyone.

Innocent until their guilt is proven :cowboy_hat_face: (I’ve played Ace Attorney too long to think otherwise :joy:)

i see you means the LV 20 icicle dragon can finish all the Lv 60 tower at 1second

That’s not what I mean (I don’t have Icicle yet but I guess Lv 60 is terribly out of their league).

The replays, even without glitches, are not an accurate representation of the attack on a base. In all likelihood, Icicle merely finished a few towers in the base. What is bugging me and hinting to a glitch are the second and third aborted dragon appearances at the beginning, stopping at the same place. That’s why I think there is a possibility of a glitch, not obviously a cheat.

I can hit you with my Icicle. And you can laugh at me as it won’t be able to take your base lol.

I have absolutely zero faith that icicle could take down a single level 60 tower, let alone several grouped together.


Seriously. Icicle can rot in my den with anapa and ursa…

I guess that means a lot…

I’m still not condemning the attacker, the video still looks fishy :fish:

It is so simple, ask the one who was defending you and send the ticket to report the suspicious

Looks like a combination of things to me.

  1. HP was not correct for the dragon – this would have made Chain Lightning very powerful, and the dragon would have been impossible to kill.
  2. AP was not right – this would have allowed every shot to instantly kill each building (since chain lightning is red on Icicle, this would be needed to kill the red mage towers quickly)
  3. Forward speed on the dragon was not correct – this is what everyone can see.

I do not think it was a replay glitch.

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