This is what we agreed to

Pocket Gems may terminate these Terms of Service, your Account and your access to the Service (or, at Pocket Gems’ sole option, applicable portions of the Service) at any time and for any reason

i would like to highlight for any reason…so if top spending team has problem with u then they can get u terminated cause pg would rather line their incompetent pockets with taddle tales money

Apple may terminate or suspend you as a registered Apple Developer at any time in Apple’s sole discretion

i hope this doesnt happen but apple (cant speak for android) has the same right to ban pocket gems for any reason as well

if pg continues down this path of capitalistic greed with the absence of morals and ethics…i then hope pg gets the pan from apple for no reason at all cause im sick of seeing players that dont cheat get banned and theres no communication as to whether its permanent or not

i get that if i violate tos i should be punished but at least tell me why and how long…i bid u all ado and both of those excerpts were from tos from apple and pocket gems…i copy and pasted and if i infringed on copyrights then so be it

ps im giving mods about 30 min to block this and ban me from forums…looking at u red

There is a system in place for appealing you ban.

Also, Apple will not be banning PG from their system no matter what you think they can do.


Sounds like someone got a cast iron skillet to the side of the cranium this fine afternoon :thinking:

In the 2 years I have worked here that has never happened. No one gets banned because someone “has a problem with” them. People get banned for cheating, harassing, account trading, etc. Occasionally mistaken bans happen, but that’s never because someone ratted someone else out. Any time Player A reports Player B we do a deep investigation before taking action. Heck, there is a thread on the forum right now of people complaining that we take too long when they report someone else. I’m sorry that either you or a friend got banned, but you need to use the ban appeal process.

This is needlessly antagonistic. I get that you’re upset over a ban, but come on.