This nonsense has to stop

To start, I want to commend pg for your hard work and dedication in trying to make this game better for all. I really appreciate it, and I guess a lot of people really appreciate it as well except for a fact that in likes of trying to make it better, it’s making it worse as days goes by.

I honestly don’t think the game would last long if some key things aren’t addressed. Unlike working as a gamer, others have lives and families and perhaps do stuff and like to play the game as well. But to be honest, it’s frustrating looking at the amount of time needed to play and money needed to advance through the game.

Ppl are going into debt because of this game. It sucks

@PGJared I humbly need you to please revisit this with your team because it’s not funny anymore.

Higher level players CANNOT be getting the same items a level 100 person will receive from chests or even for 2 years back. Scaling xp helped a little and still can use little adjustments but what about prizes and rewards for players based on their levels? At least it should be to help them progress smoothly through the game without breaking their financial banks. You introduced diamonds in atlas and it’s okay, but now, people need to even spend double. For example, people cannot use their rubies to buy or make troops, which is sometimes easy since regular event gives “somewhat okay” prizes. The cost is outrageous for higher level players. It’s not even close for the same level rewards. 100, 200s and 300s should be different. And as a player grows they should get better or more frequent rewards commensurate with their levels. I don’t think you are doing us fair at all! It’s robbery in disguise. “Just get them addicted and we have their cash”

I have a friend who lost his job only because of the love of this game and it’s demands yet he got banned because he’s being told his account has been modified. Personally, I don’t know and I can’t confirm that but it’s your words against his. So is the fate of everyone playing this game. So if that is the case at least maximize the players time with prizes and rewards commensurate with their levels and not group everyone in the same boat.

Is it possible to check how many abandoned accounts out there? I’m sure you guys can. Your game really demands a lot from us and perhaps your employees. WE DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. Please make this game an easy game. Not a pocket drainer.

If someone works harder and doesn’t want to spend, it shouldn’t be a job for them to get higher. If someone spends, it shouldn’t be an annual salary…

Please scale based on player levels and the requirements needed to advance.
xp potions gotten from gold chests
Food packs lumber etc

These can help solve 90% of the problems we are facing in general.
These shouldn’t be to do is it? Or do you lose anything by doing this?

Upon releasing a new tier, please make other tiers easy to get since they aren’t the top on the line. Simply put, be mindful and considerate of your gamers. U have a good number of them. Even a 1$ pack isn’t bad. A million purchase will def generate u a $1mil revenue. Still nothing to lose.

Help ur consumers rather than break them. $100- $500 a week is a lot and yet some even spend $1000s. That almost housing payments for some people.
To us, it’s a game, not a job or chore…

I love the game been playing loooong time but I’m close to retiring. I hate that I and many other long time players are thinking of hanging it up. Pg do something to keep ur loyal players here. Tons of games and options out there. But we play for a reason. Show us the people keeping u employed that we matter. Show us that you really care about us. NOT ONLY WITH WORDS.

Let your actions speak for itself. But as it stands now, it doesn’t really look good…
we have work to do pg… let’s stop chasing after the money. Let ppl support genuinely. U will make more that way.

“We are a small hardworking group of people, please support us by buying a pack” —-> those are your words when loading the game. Lots want to support but it shouldn’t demanded or a requirement. **


I agree completely. The “sapphire wall” is ridiculous… especially when considering after sapphire you have to churn through the garnet swamp thwn through the emerald muck then through Obsidian dessert only to finally come to the final tier Harbringer… oh wait… their is already another new tier. VANGUARD. with knowlege of another tier at the beginning of the year. Seriously. You should reread this again. Having all those breeding dragons just to get to another tier of breeders. It ridiculous.

Another big issue i have is your prize drops and shards. You do understand that you dump ice shards, fire shards and elemental shards about the same… however 1 tower… count it ONE tower uses Ice or Fire Shards. While count em with me.

plus im sure im missing a couple, but what is that 9 towers use elemental shards. I have 100k of ice and fire shards sitting there and i cant build my flaks any higher… ice and fire shards should be converted to elemental and do away with ice and fire shards! Please.

Please listen to your audience. We will give you more money if you can pull your head out of your investors ass and LISTEN to your players community reaching out to you.


I agree with what you are saying but I got distracted by the lost his job because of the game part. I like the game but really? Might be good idea they banned if it had taken over their life that much.


I’m very familiar with the sapphire wall. I’ve heard a lot about it. I SAW it for the first time when I was looking at Reds breeding guides and the token cost, last night. I didn’t realize just how bad it was!

I mean the game kinda takes over lives due to its demands. Yet ppl like that have nothing to show for it.

Agreed, if he is that obsessive wether its WD or candycrush he had some underlying issues… however the post in whole as a message i feel is still quite on point. Grinders deserve more and tier scaling is a problem and breeding dragons that were top of the line 5 models ago for full price is also still an issue.

This nonsense has to stop. It’s not PG’s fault if someone doesn’t know how a budget works or how to live within their means. If someone goes into debt because they are so addicted to playing a game, that’s their own damn fault and NOBODY ELSE’S. It’s called personal accountability and it’s part of growing up. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then you haven’t figured out what it means to be an adult.

Yes, the game has problems. But to blame personal actions on someone or something else, is irresponsible. You don’t NEED to spend. You don’t NEED to have all the newest and nicest stuff. You don’t NEED to play this game. You DO NEED to get your life priorities in order so you can be a productive member of real society. Debt is a burden and only makes others rich off interest. I’m not referring to OP when I say “you”, I mean people in general.


LMFAO, seriously? If you’re (speaking generally) going into debt and losing your job because of a (shitty) game about flying lizards shooting fire at a bunch of weird-looking towers on islands in the middle of an undefined and uncharted ocean, you have some problems you need to sort out.
As has been said before: you don’t NEED to spend. There’s such a thing as casual gaming, and it won’t kill you if you don’t immediately have the new shiny Ruby-Shooting-Dragon-Downing-Wallet-Draining Flak Tower. :t_rex:


This is in fact the reality for many players who want to be relevant as base or as attack team players.

Of course there are cheaters and of course there are gifted accounts.

But those who don’t play protected by their bigs rather casual for these ppl this game is too expensive as it is now.


Read a bit about how casinos make money and you will understand how his friend lost his job. The tactics are not that different here. There is such a thing as gambling and addiction problem you know?


Yeah, and if this person who has lost his job because of WD has a gambling/addiction problem, that is (for once) not PG’s problem… :t_rex:

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Just as it’s not a casino’s problem when people act the same way. I was just pointing out to you that there are reasons for behaviors.
And some “entities” know very well how to take advantage of that personality flaw. Just saying…


I know someone, personally, who took a pill to quit smoking. 6 months later she had sunk almost $1M into casinos. And she had never spent more than $5 on a slot machine before. What if that drug was given to someone who played WD? :scream::scream::scream:

Looool I do agree and yes it sucks… I haven’t lost my job for sure :rofl::joy: but let’s not take it out of context. The underlying issue is the fact that things are still not scaled properly regardless of countless love for this game. I can count many threads which has similar posts. Some by @Lx460 @Warlord and I believe many more even another created alongside with this. But yet there’s silence with respect to fixing this issue.

Let’s face fact. It’s now more than a job than it was before. Day in day out, how many hours do we all spend on the game? Let’s forget about the money others spend. It’s ridiculous however how things are earned throughout the struggles. Grinders DO NOT have to spend 24hrs a day to progress.

And this is facts, IT’S NOW MORE OF A REQUIREMENT TO SPEND AND PLAY than it was before.

And if you should choose to spend, THEN THE GAME SHOULD BE SCALED PROPERLY.

Look at a level 20 player for example, they do not get 400k in lumber or food when they open a gold chest. At least it’s scaled based on their level even though it’s shitty. Compared to a level 120+ getting perhaps 300k in rss and then higher.

Hold on for a minute! The last time I checked there’s a cap in rss per level and that’s at lvl 186… what happens to ppl who need to build a tower that costs 1.7mil lumber? How many 1x 400k lumber will they get from opening 10x gold chests. 7mil or more xp to level one vanguard to next at start yet they get 5x 300k XP potions.

Wait! How many hours is required to be spent to level these? :thinking: Should in case player decide to do 3x multiplier xp runs how many runs does he need to expert? Multiply that number of runs by 2m.40s

That’s a lot of requirement honestly. On top of it, same boring events over and over which requires loads of game play hrs.

Ridiculous tho, and it really has got to stop. The PG not listening to the ppl has to stop and we need actions not mere words.

We are honestly tired of repeating same threads with different topics over and over again.

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Yes lol I meant to make another post agreeing with you about the scaling issues :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You’re absolutely right. The game, in my opinion, has “outgrown” itself—meaning that, well, worse shit has been stacked upon already-existing imbalances. It’s snowballed very hard since last year, and with every new tier, the imbalance of spenders vs. nonspenders’ progress is heightened. However, I think a lot of us have sorta given up hope as to advocating change. PG has time and time again ignored our requests/suggestions for better game content/balancing. I’m not the dude you call for ideas about major WD overhaul, but that’s what I think. :t_rex:

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@PGJared please speak to your ppl. This time u need to hear us


We’ve been bitching about scaling for as long as I have been playing. Apparently PG still haven’t gotten their new hearing aids, because if they hear us, they sure the hell aren’t acknowledging us nor doing anything about it, with the exception of the League Restructure, THAT THEY STILL HAVENT FINISHED


Regarding the scaling of chest prizes, etc… I’m in favor of that. But the issue of lack of wood or food packs has somewhat been solved by withdrawing/depositting rss in banks in Atlas.

All the complaining about I spend and spend and get no where, that’s no one’s fault but your own. You should have as much fun flying Garnet dragons as you do flying Vangaurd, if not then chances are you are not happy with anything in life and suffer from Kardashian Delusion as I like to call it that you can get paid millions to do nothing all day and that you’re entitled to have everything for nothing.

The only thing PG should be working on is an exchange network to trade in fire and ice shards and other unwanted prize leftovers into something else. And recyling towers would be nice as well.

But as long as the rules are applied the same to everyone, no one has a right to complain about anything.

Annoyed that I read your whole post for that one gem…
The same rules don’t apply to everyone, as back to your second sentence…

Not everyone has access to Atlas and the wonders therein…


What wonders in atlas? It’s a bigger money grab then the main game.