This probably exists or has been said but

seriously getting really sad the amount of unneeded shards we get… okey i understand them spawning from gold chests as it is a chance…

but spending sigils on them is just brutal…

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Even as just a level 100 player getting shards in gold chests is pretty much the same feeling I get when I get tower atk and hp boosts. I think I’m up to 5 in a row maybe 6 of my legendary free claim chest being fire shards. Certainly doesn’t make me wanna spend anything on chests, but with PG asking them to reduce the shards dropping they’ll just change “1k shards” to “200 shards” and call it doing the players a solid ala rune dust.

Sucks :man_shrugging:

Not sure how popular this would be but like how each seasonal dragon has its own portrait maybe PG would consider customizing prizes similarly? So for example one dragon line gives out heaps of rune dust, another line gives out elemental embers, maybe another gives out black pearls, etc. I would prefer something like this to always getting fire shards.

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Ugh, no please. I don’t want to have to choose between a dragon that I really like, and building materials with a crappy dragon I won’t ever fly.


sucks… and the points we get from them in fort is not that much tbh… compared to the points u get from the wood spent in fort at lvls 35+ towers…

atleast would be nice to have another way we can use them or make use of them in a way to get some benefit from them. or just stop giving them in the seasonal event lines… last thing i want to use sigils on is more shards…

This post made me think of another post where they asked for a way to trade items they don’t want for items they do want. Sounds like this type of trade market could be useful for this problem as well. Below is the other post.

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They had done a beta on being able to hand in not needed items but never heard much from it.

that was in the forge if i remember right? only a few players got to try it out but never ever heard from it again…

It was the salvage depot. I like it, better than nothing. I wonder if they’ve killed it.

Yeah the Salvage Shop was closed, abused too much

I hope it can be reopened. Currently, the only way to forge more items is sacrificing speedups.
I hope, in the future, we can sell those things for speedups.

12 days ago @PGCrisis said she would ask about bringing back the Salvage Shop. No update since.

to be honest a lot has to be done… but nothing is. and whats sad is everyone just is okey with it i guess… and we just keep moving forward. but not fun when we use our time playing the game and get screwed around

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