This Season Mythic Warrior

Hi everyone, I would love your guys opinion on this season mythic warrior. In my honest opinion, I think he will be the first mystic warrior Pg actually made violable against live bases. I would like to know your opinions if he’s worth it or not.

Thank you.

Yes, the mythic warrior can be worth getting under three conditions. If you don’t have equester and neptus, he will be worth getting. If you don’t have three divines on your account that are useful to obsidian, you should get him. If you are a low level 100 and lower or a beginner to the game, you should get him.

The mythic warrior is not worth getting under three conditions. If you are high level like 300 or 200, he will not be worth getting. If you have more than three divines that are obsidian tier or higher, you should not get him. If you have both equester and neptus, he will not be worth getting.

**********What if you only have equester but not Neptus?

The mythic warrior and the sorcerer Coatl is not worth getting and I would skip sorcerer Coatl for the discounted defensive rider on week 3 release and go for the season egg boost

***********What if you only have Neptus but not equester?

The sorcerer is worth getting and ignore the mythic warrior for this season.

Ignore most of the above and you should be fine


If you have something better to say or you think I’m wrong, you should speak up. I don’t like insults and I was trying to help this guy out


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Lol yeah i agree :joy::joy::joy: my head feels dizzy reading that

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I disagree on most parts.

Neptus and equestor are completely incomparable to this season and do different stuff.

That and this seasons sorcerer isn’t as good as equestor. The rage generation isn’t there and the addition of an invulnerability doesn’t really help it. Even as a follow dragon. It’s countered so hard by blue mages and has no reliable burst.

Neptus and him, I mean they just do different things and play differently. Both can get the job done in different ways. I wouldn’t say Neptus is an immediate “don’t touch this dragon”.

I would say, if you can afford it and think you will enjoy it’s style then go for it. For a warrior it looks decent. The dragons you get alongside it aren’t great so you really are paying for just the warrior and the prizes.

But I don’t think this dragon is anywhere near Neptus level

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If those facts are true, PG might need to buff the sorcerer or hunter. Maybe they could add more damage to mystic barrage on the sorcerer and more damage to heatstroke on the hunter.

These dragons should be good and worth buying

The sorcerer could definitely do with it. I struggle to see many ways it could be useful.

The hunter isn’t bad per say but it’s just… why pick it when other things exist.

It’s a fun idea and I like the intent. It’s just the dot is worthless later. They could have just made it a bigger damage steroid and removed the dot, make the dot reduce healing from hammers, make the dot outdamage hammers, make the dot increase damage done to it, make the dot reduce the damage towers did while heatstroked.

But right now it’s talon frenzy with a cool down and a dot that has almost no impact. It is white though.

Revive isn’t a bad idea either but with the other spells there isn’t anything that WOWS with this.

But it’s difficult to rework post launch as people have spent sigils and it leaves people feeling cheated.

These are things to consider when going for the warrior. Last season you got aibrean and nolliag, two pretty unique and useful dragons. This season what you get alongside is lesser. The warrior himself is reasonable. It depends on exactly what you want and if it is just the mythic or the mythic AND the rest. Mythic alone is viable

Note that this comment is made without understanding on how much PG listen to GPF in deciding these dragons (including their level scope, since I hate it…), and merely my opinions about the currently released dragons

I believe PG has their own standard on how strong a dragon / tower / spell is, albeit their standard is often much different from our standard. PG bases their decision on various playing style (including the mighty Ballista).

I believe that a dragon is considered exceptional, if the dragon can surpass PG’s expectation on how the dragon should be used (by wide margin), and what’s really happened in live base.

Narrowing our scope, I feel that Huitzil is an offensive version of Sage. Instead of healing, and economized explosive shield, he has Bloodfury (rage boost) and Explosive Aegis, with offensive abilities, controlled explosion, and more durable shield.

Coatl is more like defensive Equestor with less rage (doesn’t need to hit certain tower for guaranteed shield). Sadly, I think that EE is superior to NL, if one can use it effectively.

Cuauhtli is like an enhanced version of Avyx, if only the runes boost damage, not DoT duration. Its DoT is useful for one who isn’t used to do burst damage, but boost nothing for burst damage (which is said to be the strongest ability of hunters).
For fully boosted dragon, its healing is more reliable than healing mark, as it can fully heal the dragon. However, due to Ice Flak and rage drain (and 2 rage instead of one), it’s more vulnerable.

Thank you for your opinion bro, I’ll get this season Mythic.:innocent:

Blood fury is a great healer btw


Beginners to the game should not max out a branch because they are new to the game. They need to get used to the flow of the game. I doubt they even spend money so getting the mythic which will be obsolete in 2 months (new tier release) will be just a waste.

Equestor and Neptus are completely different dragons…

If u don’t have 3 Divines on your account and you are below lvl 100, claim the token bonus, -/+ sapphire stone of 1-2 dragons that you find useful and see if you are interested in the rider or festive dragon.

If you are an end game player, the mythic warrior is a really good choice because of the following:

1- You spend, Sigils will not be a issue
2- The mythic easily destroyed the PGStream base. I’d much rather see gameplay on a maxed base with decent gear…DEFENDED though. Anyways, it’s Harbinger mythic strength!

What’s the point of PG making this dragon when 91.102% of the players who plan to obtain the mythic have 3+ divines.

Why are u using Neptus and Equestor to make a judgement on Weetzi?

staring into the screen, perplexed

What does Equestor and Neptus have to do with this? :thinking::man_facepalming:

I’m not going to respond to “What if you have Neptus but not Equestor.”

For me I love to have all the Mystic Divine because they are very special regardless of low or high level the players in the game. It give you the motivation to go forward to play the game even it is obsolete later. LOL


:sweat_smile: Oops, I need to learn more then…

Anyone has Destar here? Do you think Huitzil is better than him or otherwise? I’ve already finished Coathl so i have to get Huitzil :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I think its gonna be fun to fly him. Long time haven’t flown a warrior :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

That’s a tough question. Huitzil on undefended bases makes Destar look like a preschooler, but on defended bases I’ve yet to be impressed


Budget destar


What makes him more useful than Destar in my eyes is that he will have the next Evo Stone and you can get a good dragon in the early days of the new tier. But I love Destar. :heart_eyes: