This season’s keys

Considering these last few months and all that happened that shouldn’t have happened I think it would be a great idea if PG allowed us players this season to choose not to use our gathered keys to claim a mythic but instead to carry them to next season. Seems to me a better way to say sorry and make good then a couple of gold chests or something like that.

  • Yes allow us to carry our keys to next season
  • No

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Wow 50/50 vote in less than a minute. Cool!!

Oh dear…stop that whining. There is no guarantee to get great OP base killer mythics. Suck it up, play your season because you like to play and help your team and move on.

Do I like the current state of the game concerning mythics? Hell no…they are pretty useless as of now. PG might apply a buff or two, but that won’t make them Surt 2.0 first iteration - which is a good thing in my opinion.

If the game annoys you too much, there is a simple fix for it…just stop playing.



Who’s asking, nagging for an op mythic? A mythic that I could actually use in Atlas and wars would be great tho! These two are neither. Enjoy your rant tho, maybe consider a different mythological creature as your name? Starts with a T lol

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Your poll implies, that you aren’t happy with the mythics available. This Leads to my interpretation, that you want stronger mythics that are easier to fly. Those are not available this season. End of story.

Why would the publisher allow to carry keys over to the next season? Just because? That’s whining in my books.

If you don’t like, what you see, don’t spend. Save the rubies and chests from the season and have a kickstart into next season. If you are really hoarding your stuff and still perform decent in the events, you will at least get the 50% discount dragon for free.


I have not ever spent in this game and I don’t remember writing anything about easier to fly or stronger dragons. A mythic that is usable in atlas and wars, that is all I ask for. “Implies” “interpretation” nice words to mask the fact that you are desperately trying to give a meaning/intention to my post/poll that isn’t there and was never intended
Btw, I don’t have any trouble getting 3 keys the way I play so no this is also not a scheme to get a mythic I otherwise wouldn’t get.

If the poll is just there for no reason, it‘s useless…can shut down the thread immediately. And if you get a mythic without spending, why bother? It’s free stuff.

Again…I think, they are useless under the current meta of the game for sure. Sorcy just dies and Noctarn as a Setup dragon is meaningless in Atlas and War. But I still don’t even consider carrying the keys over to the next season an option. I just accept getting my other prices from the branches being my reward for playing the game actively.

Hopefully, next season will be better. If not…time will tell


I’ve got all my season’s Mythics for free, only yearly regular elite for my very the first 2 mythics…

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I personally think they should allow to carry them over different seasons, just like rubies, chests and Atlas rider’s stones.

It’s another resource you earned with your work and should be able to use it as needed.

The only temporary resources should be the sigils.

That’s my own personal opinion.

The value is not there this season. However next seasons value is not just in the keys, but in the prize lines that give ingame assets you need as well.

I do think that there needs to be some adjustment for value in this season. Make dragons better, make egg costs less or increase token payout. Crediting us for the disaster doesn’t give players satisfaction of flying good dragons. Nothing can compensate players for the loss of flying pleasure. Flying shit leads to loss of desire to play.

Maybe refund sigils value used to get mythics. The product ‘sold’ with those sigils are not fit for purpose. They are not end-game dragons that they were advertised to be.


I like the keys to transfer for 2 reasons

  1. Not all can get 3 keys( I get 3 every season) so if they get like 2 they can still get next season mythic.
  2. Would be nice to have a mythic from the start of a season when it just comes out and I can enjoy it for more time before I out grow it.

Ugh. I’m too tired for this. Buff the dragons if necessary to make them useful-but-not-overpowered, but seasonal things are, and should remain, tied to their season. Being able to “bank” keys until you can get the mythic you want goes against the seasonal exclusiveness, and also allows people to get mythics without finishing three lines in a season.

Keys should definitely not carry over.


Sigils don’t transfer as they are season specific. While they look identical, keys are, and should be, treated the same way. Thankfully, I would bet my paycheck that PG also sees it this way and doesn’t plan to change it.


I strongly disagree. Mythics are currently very easy to get e2p and f2p. Someone with spending on top will have an even easier time.

Mythics used to be something people aspired to get and had an air of prestige. That is substantially lessened now. With how simple everything is, and with how few truly challenging things there are in the game, I am against any more simplifying of something f2p and e2p players can actually get. I’m all for accessibility but there needs to be something remotely challenging (preferably that doesn’t require spending) for people to work towards that not everyone manages

As for the consumables vs keys argument. Keys have one purpose. Mythics. Mythics are tied to seasons. Consumables have multiple uses and, for chests specifically, you can get very different results depending on when you open them. They have no bearing on a specific season.

If a transferable version of a key was introduced. I think it would need to be harder to get. Make people commit to a season for a cheaper cost or go for a more expensive permanent key. Even then I don’t like this idea but it’s better than just flat out keys transferring imho

And last of all, it’s never a once off. The moment it happens once people will expect and demand it forever. We open this door. It’s open. Either it’s something that should be permanent or not at all.



You’re right, I can’t argue with that reasoning.

Exact reason why i do not agree with the opinion.

“Put more effort(or money if you value ur time more than money) into the game to claim a mythic every season” view point is where i stand with.

Hm… now i want pg to change it… just for the sake of jokes (add: and of his paycheck going into pg’s bank acc)

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lol… I’m a teacher… it’d be like putting a quarter into a gumball machine…

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Absolutely not. Mythics are something that it should take some actual effort to get, either by participating or by paying. They should not ever be participation trophies that are just given to you for showing up. It is already pretty easy to get one if you actually prepare, participate and manage your rss. Im E2P on a platinum team that only gets the final team prize during Fort events and I still get a mythic every season. It’s really not that hard.

Allowing keys to be carried over cheapens the value of the mythics. If you dont like the mythics then dont go for one that season and save up your rss.


Every penny counts, bud. :smiley: