This should be new rider GLORIOUS

Lol bit late, who cares just people need to see this glorious Neptus with @the_short_loki riding him. Majestic.
New rider should be.


I’d just wish they’d have the riders “sitting” on the dragons instead of standing! Whoever heard of any dragon rider trying to stay on top of flying dragon while standing up?:rofl: That would surely be interesting.

So like this with reigns and all?

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Or Aladin style

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You’re right. Never heard of a standing rider ready for battle to jump to safety or on an opponent to throw them off their mount and free his own dragon from their fragile body so the Dragon can do dangerous maneuvers…


@moderators I think this thread could go to off-topic? Thank you in advance!

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On the second gif, it kinda looks like she’s hitting herself with her staff.

It would look ok if the WD riders were standing like they were on a surfboard, maybe with one hand holding onto reigns.

Some of them just look so stiff and unnatural. Seems like it would be hard to stay on top of a flying dragon while standing straight up and facing the wind.

I’d actually be 100% ok with just getting a Cate Blanchett dragon rider. Most OP rider ever, that woman can do anything

Omg I just got two consecutive burst of laughter. The first one imagining a rider blown away from his dragon by the wind, the second thanks to @Blackfire556 imagining Hela and her cumbersome helmet riding a dragon… Probably Moonfang :joy:

… I want a Loki Dragon or Rider… :persevere:

Edit : Tom Hiddleston can also do anything and look awesome doing so :grin:

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Well here’s a quick Hela rider on moonfang photo shop. In classic war dragons rider pose too :rofl:

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