This Week In - Mythic Ammo Compensation

Just for the emotional trauma and struggles. Since, you know; we’ll probably never get another KW event again.


Mythic ammo is still available in the silver chests currently. Go open some.


Dang, I was trying to complain for free hand outs. Thank you.


:rofl: sorry to ruin your dream!

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Free onlyfans premium for a year please.


I pulled one yesterday… that is my second one since 2017 ish

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well… congrats… i have none since 2017 till date

Does anyone have the new sequence, then?

Sorry Dude

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Mythic Ammo is definitely still available, I got one today when opening 150 silver chests.

i just opened around 290 chests and got Mythic ammo in almost last chest :star_struck:

@Kate this is sequency leading up to Mythic ammo for me

Mythic warrior HP
Legendary Healing Striker
Mythic Fire flak attack
Mythic Ice flak HP
Legendary Cannon Striker
Mythic Ammo


The dragon and base runes should be separate sequences. Not sure what the flaks count as?

not sure… i just listed all leg and mythic runes that i got

During treasure hunt, I got the sequence and probably another two or three more leg/mythic to go.
Anyone can tell me if it still continue if I open silver chests now?

I can’t confirm yet for sure but heard the sequence changed when they switched from kw to fight pits.

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Flak and lightning runes are in the dragon runes deck. So ignoring the cannon/healing junk Luffy’s list is mythic warrior hp, mythic FF attack, mythic IF hp, mythic ammo. This is definitely a different sequence from what we had Wednesday-Thursday.

Hey mate what was the secondary on the ammo rune you got?

Following this sequence I’m slated to get Mythic Ammo very soon. My question for you is - If I abort progress this event will the sequence still be on track next event (Assuming I do not open anymore Silver Chests and Mythic Ammo still exists in the future)?

the decks are shuffled every event

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Rage starting at 3.6%
One of my friends maxed it and it goes to max of 7% Rage.

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