This week’s event...BREEDING (June 6th)

Breeding Event is coming up! Make sure you have a plan that is up to date!

Red’s Master Breeding Paths:

Red’s Best Breeding Path (adding Harbinger Tonight):

I’m working on adding all the extra info for Harbinger paths and new flow chart tonight as well. Is there something I can do to make my paths more accessible to you and your team? Lemme know!


Thank you for all the hard work Red!


You’re a rock star, thanks as always :grinning:

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I guess we should also give a standard PSA to always check the parent you are breeding as well as checking dragon manager before you start breeding.

I see some people breeding in hopes of getting harbinger egg, but they are actually breeding the 80~90% obsidian dragons.

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Red should get her own title and portrait: The Red Monarch.


Oh awesome! You’re updating the BEST path to Harbinger :heart_eyes:

I know it’s a pita, but is there any chance of a version that is copy and pasteable, with formatting, to a team’s wiki? I know you HATE people not using the LIVE spreadsheets, but I’ve got, shall we say, some LAZY team members that can’t be bothered to visit sites outside of the game…

I know, excuses excuses, it’d be so much more helpful if PG would allow links or photos in the wiki, but yeah, that’s a bridge too far. So, :pray: Red? I’ll be good (for a week or 2, maybe :smiling_imp:)

Edit, well now that Sam tells me I can put pics in the wiki…:man_facepalming: Life is good again.
Thanks Red!

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You can add images to the wiki. I’ll send you a special pic for it if you wanna. :wink:

You CAN?!? Mail me Sam!

Edit, a SPECIAL pic, uh, ok. I’ll open at my own risk then :joy:

Will do. Promise to keep it up for at least a week :rofl:

Can i ask what do you mean? Am i missing something? I’m about to start Harbs this breed and wanna make sure I am not missing something here lol

People mistake breeding parents when they are trying to get Harbinger egg to increase their builder’s hut level.

They think that the combination that they use provides harbinger egg, but it only gives obsidian egg due to the high % of getting an obsidian dragon.

Obsidian and Harbinger egg has a similar egg structure (almost same color) so it might get confusing.

If you are only starting out on harbinger, then you don’t need to worry about this since this issue only concerns those who need the egg for builder’s hut upgrade.

Ahh ok gotcha. For builder hut. Made it sound like I would be trying to breed a harb dragon but not actually be getting one lol. Thanks

but to be completely safe, just double check it on Dragon Manager. Nothing should go wrong if you only select the dragon that you want to breed unless you are going to do a manual selection if there are other options to breed that same dragon.


Well ain’t that some sh*t.

Appreciate the work you do Red , cheers :beers:

That’s just brilliant.

Question please…
I hatched Kulan and Jagra this event, and they’re about 400k exp away from breedable (will make it next exp multi). Next, I’ll bred Rizar and Kaiju.
I’m level 103 atm, with around 80k token left (100 frags), and will use Icicle 4 next breeding.

Since Icicle 4 doesn’t have cheap Quetz (Anapa + Apophet gives Quetz with 64k, the same cost as normal breed), should I do it for points, or saving my token for next sapphire (or perhaps trying for Khrysos and Sekoronos, for OCD…)?

No OCD when it comes to breeding. You know better than this…

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That Khrysos and Sekoronos opt is a half joke, but the first 2 opt are the serious one…
I mean, is it worth to start breeding Quetz now?