This week’s event...BREEDING (June 6th)


Not familiar with icicle 4 so can’t say except follow the path, don’t deviate, and save tokens always. Tokens before sigils would be my advice.


I disagree here, this is the path that gets me platinum and in turn sapphire and higher quicker. Will I miss two good hunters? sure. But at the cost of getting to Platinum for several thousand less egg tokens, I’m not mad about it, considering I will still be able to get Hauhaset!


thanks for all the work you’ve put into these guides. The only issue I’m starting to run into is around the platinum dragons - and the issues probably more to do with how often the breeding events are than the guide. But with the ones that need the offspring from the previous step for the next one. I’m finding its taking longer than the gap between events for them to hatch and level up to breeding age. I hit this one the last one waiting for Kelvin to get up to high enough level which left me with nothing to do on the last event, and hit it again this time needing Necura to hatch and level up in the event to give something else to breed, otherwise this would have been another very low scoring event, or yet another dropping the rest on research eggs.
But thanks again for the hard work on these - just that one issue of some of the stages being too close together.


Or you could actually spend timers on the dragons to speed them up… Maybe not to the extreme of hatching the dragon in the same event that you get it (unless you were planning on grinding the dragon to breeding age and using it to get a second dragon), but you could at least knock a couple of weeks off the hatch time.

I’m E2P and because of the balanced approach I’ve taken to my base leveling, I always have plenty of timers to do forts and speed up my new dragons if need be. Part of the reason I’m able to do that is undoubtably due to the fact that I’ve made some mistakes on my base in the past and am still correcting them, so my tower levels aren’t as high as they should be. Eventually I’ll run into issues, but I’d rather sit out a fort event, or not participate as much, rather than lagging behind on my breeding.


With platinum you have to level two big dragons for the next breed, so I’m insta-hatching the first, then give the other one about 2 weeks to cook and hatch him too. That way I can still level them fairly casually (multipliers only) and be ready before the next breeding.

Looking ahead, most sapphires will also require instant hatching to be ready in time. I’ve actually re-ordered the icicle 1 path a bit for myself so I have to spend less timers on hatching.


Hi, I’ve done it a few times - usually when I started the wrong dragon by accident. I’m only playing E2P as well and made early mistakes on my base as well. Might have to start using timers on these are well since these ones are taking about a month to get up to breeding age, even without the hatching time on top of it. Just haven’t seen the point in wasting them when the fort needs so many and levelling them takes far longer than the event. But as these are getting more pricy I don’t want to spend too many more breeding events just getting old dragons or research eggs again just because there is nothing else to do.


When you get to sapphire tier, I believe it takes about a month (or more) to hatch each dragon. Unless you want your breeding to be lagging behind by a month, you kind of have to spend timers at some point. Maybe not too many, but you’ll spend more of them if you don’t want to spend each breeding event starting off by grinding the dragon you bred last time up to breeding age before you can even start on the event itself.

It does take a certain amount of planning and a great deal of self control to find the proper balance, especially if you are E2P or F2P. I wish you luck!


Going to have to I think. I’m already at the point where I’m not adding to my breeding dragons every 2nd event as I’m still waiting on them. That’s why I was mentioning staggering them to give enough time for the to hatch and level up. The ones I’m still working on now are the ones I breed last time event and for the most part they’re still not breedable. 30 days left to level Kaiju, got Khrysos just levelled up enough during this event, but looking at 15 days for Nacura, and 31 days for Vulcan once they get their turn hatching.


In Sapphire, probably I can relax a bit, as my next breed is Sekhem, and I’ve got 4 of 5 plat dragons (though Kaiju was cooked, and Rizar is waiting)…


Thanks for the update Red. :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m putting screenshots of your latest here since some of my members don’t have Google sheets and this is the best place put and point them. This will ensure they have the info now and they can also access the link when they finally do get the app.


The one thing I don’t want is more time in between breeding events. It has taken me 2 events to get the mythics that I’ve bred so far (except for Mehatten, he didn’t count because he was a cheap back breed). If breeding were on say a 6 week cycle, that would be a hell of a long time to wait to finish off your dragon. Waiting a whole month is hard enough when you reach the point of getting one dragon an event (if you’re lucky).


In the end, I leveled Necura for nothing :sweat_smile:
At least I’m glad that finally I can follow Icicle 4 albeit with different order (most likely getting some Sapphire L first before making Apo breedable…)


I’m already at the point where it is taking me 2 events to get each dragon just from the length of time it takes level them up, but that wasn’t what I was meaning - although they do seem to be too close together at times.
What I was meaning was staggering when their offspring are needed i.e. step A’s offspring is not needed until step C or D, and step B’s offspring is not needed until step D or E. that way there is hopefully enough time between them hatching and levelling up to when they are needed.


Ah, I see. Well, I guess it would depend on what breeding path you’re following. I don’t know if any of them would allow that kind of offset. The one thing you don’t want to do is just breed whatever dragon is available to be bred via your breeding castle :laughing:


I’m using Red’s one from theladyred.wixsite I’m around step 38 on the gold to platinum - sekoronos & Khyrsos section. Had to change a bit to get Vulcan using Kyhrsos since I only got Necura this event and its still waiting its turn to hatch.


Red, why is Rhyo in steps 53 and 62?


What path


Red’s Best Breeding Path … see my post number 30 on this thread.


Lol, that’s just showing what eggs you get from breeding destar.

If you notice, estril was also already bred in step 55. So you’re getting harb and obsidian eggs when you breed destar.


It’s a reminder for me to finish the extra eggs section for it, like Lutrus mentioned.