This weeks event.....BREEDING!


That’s right folks, the breeding event is upon us. Because I like images, here are some helpful links (and images) to my most popular items.

War dragons bonanza

Yaaaaaay! :tada:

I can finally finish getting Hauset!!


Your patience is much greater than mine😱 don’t know how you waited to finish Hauh


You spent 195k tokens outside of event?! :scream:


She said “finish” so I’m picturing like 500/700 or something like that. I wouldn’t be able to wait if I were that close


Yay, I can backbreed Iteru, for a ton of tokens, so I can start on Jul :sunglasses: Cmon baby, daddy needs a 2nd Garnet :smiling_imp:

Edit, oh and thanks Red, for the super freaking awesome breeding paths. Icicle 3 :heart_eyes:


I was just over halfway through breeding hau at the end of last event lol. I ended up using 5 mystic frags because I was 93 points short of the next prize. Didn’t think it was worth spending 497 fragments of breeding tokens outside the event. But yeah, it’s been a real struggle :sweat_smile:



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