This week's event...BREEDING!

That’s right folks, the breeding event is upon us. Because I like images, here are some helpful links (and images) to my most popular items.


The first picture is… Awkward… :sweat_smile:


I’m running out of crafty ideas :joy:


Wait, how? Breeding event is so egg-citing! :joy: I’m egg-static!


:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: ok then

I hope you don’t reuse that first pic (sans dragons) for your real life students… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Any word on new tiers for dragons? I’m just collecting tokens and frags at this point waiting for something new to come out…

Send me some tokens then…or better yet lend me your Noc… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great post Red!

Don’t use protection lmfao nice @TheRedDelilah

@Grumpybigbird my noc is a very aggressive but loyal dragon owl thing… he doesn’t like strangers but he will be getting fixed in the coming months after the new tier and I don’t need him for breeding any more, then he will likely be able to come visit you

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Icicle trying to do it with Rhyo & Noctua eyeing Rhyo’s nibbly bits, innocent dragon love? :see_no_evil:

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:heart: oh yes I’d love a visit - maybe he would like it so much he’ll stay? I even have a nice perch ready for him right next to my castle - I’ll even get rid of that lousy Volos to make room - he just sits there all day and does nothing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Any news on new tier being released this event?

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I’ve been working on an alternate breeding path from gold which you might call “I want Hauheset now now now”. It uses 10% more egg tokens for the same complete set of dragons, but it arrives at Hauheset 120k egg tokens sooner, and requires only half the number of dragons to be leveled to breeding.

@TheRedDelilah I’d love to have your opinion on this path, especially if I have missed a downside other than the increased total token cost.

  • (follow red’s path up to gold)
  • Whalegnawer + Chtholeuthis => Cryzan & Cerbero 40k
  • Consurgens + Khrysos => Necura & Nosfer 40k
  • Khrysos + Cryzan => Quetz & Vulcan 64k
  • Sekoronos + Necura => Rizar 64k
  • Quetz + Rizar => Iteru 125k
  • Vulcan + Rizar => Scorchil 125k
  • Scorchil + Iteru => Hauheset 195k

got Hauheset with 653k tokens, needed to level 7 dragons to breeding level

next grab all the dragons we skipped:

  • Ferrox + Quetz => Mune 2k
  • Firactus + Rizar => Jagra 4k
  • Lumen + Quetz => Kulan 4k
  • Cerbero + Kulan => Kaiju & Kelvin 64k
  • Vulcan + Kelvin => Sekhem 125k

got all dragons that Red’s Best + Icicle 1 would have at this point for 852k total (with Cryzan as a bonus)

Red’s Best + Icicle 1 will get here for only 775k egg tokens, but will not have Hauheset until that point. Also this requires leveling 13 dragons to breeding level before you can hatch Hauheset.

And how did you get Khrysos, Sekoronos, and Chth? Those aren’t on my path.

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Aah I should’ve double-checked that, I just assumed pretty much all gold would be bred at that point, which clearly isn’t right. I’ve been making my own way up to this point so I’ve got some different dragons available, and tried to make a nice gold path of my own based on that.

I’ve looked at my gold path and yours, and I’m spending about 100k tokens more in gold, so in total I only get Hauheset 30k sooner, while spending 180k tokens more total. I do get a few extra gold dragons as a bonus, but whether that’s worth the extra cost is debatable.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have another look at that part of the path and decide whether my completionist OCD is big enough to need those extra gold dragons anyway or not.

For reference, my gold looks like

  • Ettin + Hugin => Yersinu & Firactus 45k
  • Danzig + Yersinu => Khrysos & Consurgens & Bander 100k
  • Septys + Bander => Caladbolg & Basileus & Lumen 45k
  • Caladbolg + Firactus => Whalegnawer & Chthoteuthis 100k
  • Bronze + Khrysos => Ferrox 26k
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I do make “Pokemon” breeding paths for people who like collecting by the way :joy::slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to the breeding event :slight_smile: different question though, does anyone know when the next training event will be?

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It has been typically 9 weeks between feeding events, so if that holds true it would be 12/27. Would be a good time as it is a holiday week with likely lower participation.,