This weeks event is...BREEDING! (February 14th)


Are you ready for the Breeding Event this week? Make sure you have a plan!

Red’s Best Breeding Path:

Red’s Master Breeding Paths:

Who are you breeding this week?

What's the next event?

Yay. :grin:
Wydrian and finish Girasol (sigh)


Cerbero, Kaiju and Kelvin :heart_eyes:
Lol I know I know, not groundbreaking but it is to me hahaha


Either Anapa or Gorgonus…so indecisive on choosing between your Icicle and A&A paths. :woman_facepalming:


Hopefully I’ll get Whalegnawer & Consurgens, or at least make some progress :man_shrugging:


Can’t wait for the event!


Icicle. The builder hut eggs are worth it alone.


Bander, yersinu and pandi


Finishing jul, back breeding gorg and finishing ursa.


Haha yes that is my smart option. Just really want A&A over Icicle.


Finishing Seekham!!


I’m jelly…


Gotta get Gorg and Ursa before I even START.


Ettin and Yersinu. Next month… whalegnawer.


Iteru … not sure if he is any good. Got enough tokens to get Hauheset too but the effort to get Iteru to breedable within the event is too daunting. :flushed:


Nothing for me this month, need to get my base up another 7 levels before I can breed anything useful so just token farming for me.


Sadly not ready :x

The plan i assumed was about the change of balance issues for breeding, and they arent done yet , so i am done :x


What does that mean? :thinking:


I mean i waited since before last breeding that they change backbreed prizes at some backbreeds which was more expensive then other ways… a difference about 200k.

But since then not done, and i hoped for,… but when undone,… i really cant use that .


There has not been a feeding event since the last breeding event. Really need a feeding event! Thanks.


I’m finishing Ursa (Yay for 4th sapphire egg for the builder’s hut!!) I’ll probably grind the heck out of Ursa to get him breedable so I can backbreed Mehatten. What happens after that depends on how much time is left in the event and how many egg tokens I have left :laughing: