This weeks event is...BREEDING! (February 14th)


Iteru is a turd - hate to break it to you.


125k tokens for a turd?!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


But Iteru + Sorchil = Hau :heart_eyes:


They don’t do feeding events very often. Last one was in December, so we’re likely due for one early March (purely speculation).


You’re right. I didn’t say he’s not an important turd :rofl:




Hauheset! Got enough tokens to finish him in one breeding event :muscle: then frosty you’re next :grin:


Lucky you! I’m still far off from him, but I’ll get there eventually I hope :sweat_smile:


Keep him low level for awhile if you have the patience. His play style is so much different than any other hunters, you will force yourself to learn it more quickly when he’s low level and every damage is amplified for him.


What’s that dragon in your announcement pic Red?

I’m breeding Scorchil and Quetz. Smack right in the sapphire wall :joy:


Probably nothing. Only got 110k tokens and dont think I can get the rest for hauheset.


Jul and Hauheset for me this event :smile:


Ill be getting my first sapphire, Sekhem as well as Mune and maybe a little bit of Rizar, like maybe a wing


Wydrian and Shezard from Harbinger

Likely A&A and less likely Deci (dump all mystic frags). :see_no_evil:


Oh yes that mechanical dragon


It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a breeding event…just saying.


BIG turd…breedable and bench, sorry budd lol


Poor iteru. He can umbral behind hau at least…


Or spellflux… :smiling_imp:


Time to finish Icicle and hopefully start Ferga too!