This weeks event is...BREEDING! (February 14th)


Archimera… if I’m lucky


You all are so far up there lol… I’m still in gold and am not looking forward to that sapphire wall :confounded:


I want to go for Whale and Chtho, but I can’t get Firactus ready for it.


Hopefully Ursa after Gorgonus.


There should be a special chest too exclusive for egg tokens during breeding like runic chests and super sigil chests lol


Super Happy Fun Time Chest


I am no happy to learn that another breeding event is ongoing … I want feeding event. It will be 3 breeding in 7 week . 2 fortification and a mixte of other event.

I am stuck since I need to feed my dragon to get a lot of token and after that i will be ready for breeding. My dragon are not strong enough for my level since i am capped.

No sure if you randomize even but since you change it I am stuck and can’t go to the pace I want…

That will make it the worst season in a years of play time for me …

Can I know why only one feeding event in 2 month ? @TheRedDelilah


I hope you are at least feeding your main dragons.

I wouldn’t hold off on feeding any dragon until they at least reach breeding level, but that’s just me.

And feeding events happen at MOST twice a season, usually only once a season.


Oh honey, feed your main dragons to cap, and your breeding dragons to breedable and then you can let them and the dragons you’re not using accrue xp.
Feeding events have been every 9-10 weeks since they were reintroduced back in the spring of 2017.


Feeding has never been a regular event. And it shouldn’t. Fortification and Breeding new dragons are the core of the game - feeding them is just incidental. They probably ran out of ideas for events and made feeding one.

Don’t understand this - why do you need to feed to get tokens? Tokens are from the mission balloon, chests or seasonal sigil lines.

If you’re capped and your dragons still not strong enough, that can only mean you have levelled too fast for your dragons and you haven’t levelled your builders hut and storage hut at the same pace. Look up some base building guides and get your base right - this has nothing to do with feeding your dragons or not.


Feed. Your. Dragons. Now.

Don’t wait for an event, feed who you need to raid with.


I do actually level fast since our team to coordination push ressources to burn raccelerator fast until no accelerator left. Switch to another guy and rince repeat.

The feeding event is freed token by more than 4 k. Even using all mission from baloon i can at the max do 1k token 1k and half per week. So performing on this even is like 3 hit with 1 shot for me. Being purposly farming more than 10 drag in exp because for the least three even most of the gold chest were food . I got more than 1 million of food item waiting to serve.

For me it like FREE 5k token if not more in 5 minutes.

Thinking efficiency , laziness and potentially big reward in 5 minutes anybody would be aroused by such no brainer free reward token sigil and all the kit in 5 minute (drooling and brain sparkling by the potential of this freebee):joy::joy::joy:


At that rate it will take you centuries to get dragons later in the game. I grinded out 110k egg tokens since last breed the vast majority coming from egg missions. I am halfway to my next dragon.


I’m excited to get Whale/Cons. Hitting gold legendaries by 14 weeks was my goal when I started, so this feels good! I hear Whalegnawer’s an annointed Lord of the Waves to whom all things that swim must bow, which makes me wonder what the bowing protocol is when he meets Neptus (“all at sea must bow to the will of the champion of the ocean.”) Do they simultaneously bow to each other, do they start an Internet argument about the semantics of “at sea” vs. “swim,” do they fight a duel over who a nearby dolphin should bow to? Deep questions.


Whalegnawer was the last lineage dragon I enjoyed flying. Hoping hauheset changes that in a month.


It’s a steep learning curve, but he is a BLAST to fly


Hauheset is a beautiful goddess and I don’t intend on removing this magnificent beast from my line up for a long, LONG time. I might NEVER remove her from my line up, especially if I get better with her. I’d consider myself an average flyer who occasionally has moments of greatness :laughing:


so this week is Breeding event?


Yes it’s breeding.


Love ur guides red! You help us a lot with them :hugs: