This weeks event is...BREEDING! (February 14th)


That’s what the title of this thread already says… :man_facepalming:


Yea feel yourself blessed that they come around even every couple months. My first feeding was later summer 2016…next one happened 8 months later.


Is there a thread explaining why the costs of drags have gone up instead of down?


What do you mean?


Everyone is higher than me lol I still have to clear Green tier before going to Gold


I am pretty sure the cost per dragon went down. It was close to 29K each previously, now it is 25K each. The riders make the season more expensive, and the Mystic is a little more, but the drags are actually less.


It’s just an updated way of estimating costs on Dragon Manager.


Any path start gold to next tier


We all have different play time. I am not intensive player. Playing casual if i reach saphire next year I’ll be happy.


Can anyone send me a path start gold to next tier


I have 3 gold dragons bander khrysos and sekronos please guide me?


Go to this page:

Look for the Khrysos Sekoronos section

Start from step 35.





That’s not relevant for her. She doesn’t have hunter golds.


Ah, fair enough. Your advice is better then :laughing: unless she was wanting to try transitioning to a different path.


That’s difficult to do without some research. I transitioned from khrysos cons myself


Probably some pos sorc ill never use, just like last breeding


Try to save all your xp potions and boosts for use only during a breeding event. Don’t use during a feeding like most people. Better to stack xp once you get the dragons breedable or capable of soloing a decent xp base for your level. Just keep grinding until you have enough xp to expert them and put them on a shelf.


I strongly suggest you get the token boost as early as possible next season. Resist the urge to go for the shiny new and / or discounted stuff.

Even without spending rubies to speed token missions I have 138k tokens and a few hundred fragments.

For fortification events I would also be disciplined and not just keep leveling until you have no more timers left. Definitely stop at the 450 Sigil individual prize. The prizes above that consume far too many resources to be worthwhile and cause you to over level for your dragon’s strength.

I feed all my dragons to breedable, my main dragons that I use for PVP events I keep feeding until they are capped. The rest I keep doing xp runs to stack enough xp so that when / if a feeding event comes, I have plenty of dragons to feed.

I save all chests and rubies I accumulate during feeding, breeding, and fortification and only use them during pvp events like this last one.

It’s a long slow road but with a little patience you will have a better gaming experience.