This weeks event is...BREEDING! (February 14th)


Kelvin = Yay Vulcan = Boo

It’s a shame they aren’t as powerful as each other. Tomb is fun, fireball bites the glitchy big one


You can feed until the dragon is breedable or even beyond, then just stack xp and wait for feeding to get them to expert


But as you can tell by reading, lots aren’t doing that.


Yup, but hopefully they will read this and start. :slight_smile:


Vulcan is a Boo, but you can get Yay dragon out of it (path to Hau)


Kelvin is the one I’m excited for haha. I know Vulcan is used for plat eggs but looks like breeding as regularly scheduled should take care of those for builder hut, and I’ll never get through gold research, so…yeah. lol


Necura too yeah? At that same step myself.


Unless you solely fly xp bases i found the whole platninum tier to be worthless. A well built base destroys platinum dragons.


Rizar was good. Kelvin was OK. The rest were poop (for anything beyond XP).


and I shall follow you with him next time! Be My Saviour!


I like to use Vulcan to follow weaker members as he can clear a base pretty quickly most of the time


Kyrule (with Mehaten as a backbreed) and then hopefully Gloomclaw


so behind on this. I originally did not follow a breeding path because I did not know about them than stopped playing now I am playing again and I am so off from where I need to be now that I know about breeding paths.


Hi frog kisses Check Step 69 Iteru+ Apophet = Iteru
You may need correction there


I got to 1.0 k points for this event. But couldn’t cash in the reward fir reaching 1.0 k points. Has anyone had the same problem. It says I need 8 more points to reach a 1000, but i have a 1000 already.


It rounds up. You actually needed those 8 points.


I seriously doubt it. I was working to reach this amount. But in the case I miscalculated, the following, before the event was over I spend a 2nd 1500 gems, but it didn’t count my last spending of 1500 gems. Can anyone check this?


Sometimes it takes a minute to register the VP, but if it’s still not there it’s best to send in a ticket. Settings, help, contact us.


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