This week's event is....BREEDING (July 4th)


Breeding Event is coming up! Make sure you have a plan that is up to date! Breeding paths that are images or that do not include the most relevant data could end up hurting you and your teammates in the long run!

Red’s Master Breeding Paths:

My master breeding paths currently have a lot of options (Blue-Green, Gold-Platinum, Sapphire-Emerald, Obsidian-Harbinger) plus some popular paths (Red’s Best, Red’s Cheapest). Is there something I can do to make my paths more accessible to you and your team? Lemme know!

These paths currently do NOT have Vanguard, as we do not have full information yet. Once we do have that information in full, I will likely trim down my Obsidian-Harbinger and make completely new Vanguard paths based on the Harbinger Mythics. Until then…


Did anyone else take a glance at redrian and see something they probably shouldn’t have? Maybe it was just me and my teammate…


:heart_eyes: starting and finishing 3rd Garnet, getting subsequent Sapphire backbreed and starting 4th Garnet. Is it Wednesday yet?


Yay! Need to finish breeding Apophet, speed level him to breed Jul and then speed level him to breed Gorgonus. Still 35k short on eggs though so more mission grinding (yippy -_-) . It would be nice if they started doing themed breeding events again with double breeding rates or something. It would also be great if we could start getting good glyphs back in the prizes instead of Archer tower HP or Fire turret Attack. How about some Rage or Hunter Ammo glyphs?

Get your dragons ready before the event with a little dragon forplay


I have to get ursa then backbreed mehaten​:sob::sob::sob::sob:two warriors…spare me please! Same sucky situation with avalanche and anapa next month


I can’t wait for the event! I can finally breed Yersinu and finish Caladbolg! Then I’m going to try to speed level Munin to get Whalegnawer


At least Meathead is good for your perch. Ursa though… eww. I have to get him next breeding


Noc noc… :tada::tada::tada:


I’m getting a dragon called Hauheset. Has anyone heard whether he’s any good?


Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not…


Just my little joke …


Finally breeding my first Obsidian! I am trying to reach Vanguard before the next tier after that comes out. Wish me luck :sweat_smile:


Quetz and Sekhem for me… (hoping that RNG gods will smile upon me, and make my 75k egg + 100+ fragments are enough)


Sorry to bring bad news but you’ll need some hard token farming for that. Quetz and sekhem is 135k. Take off 25k for the fragments and you’re 35k short. Rng can take off maybe 2k if you’re lucky, but 35k seems unlikely.

Edit: that’s assuming quetz as a back breed…


Ur not backbreeding quetz? Or are u breeding sekhem then quetz


Hauheset is a little Vanguard wannabe. Thinks he can cut it at max tier. Sheeesh. Someone ought to teach him a lesson.


Been there… Avalanche is not too bad still. I’m breeding 1st emerald and then 231k on Icicle :neutral_face: We’ve got to think clearly “it’s all about uncapping divines” and we’ll be happier lol




My Hau has not identified its gender to me yet as it hasn’t decided what it prefers to be.

Just saying.


Well for me, Hau is a goddess of time :upside_down_face: