This week's event is....BREEDING (July 4th)


Just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rats, you got me :rofl::crazy_face:


Quetz is 327/400 for now. Just reached 200 fragments right now.


Icicle 4’s Quetz is 64k (with Rizar).
As I have Rizar already, waiting for Apophet to get Quetz ia a bad move for me, as it will be harder for me to get exp (soloing bases using Quetz to get decent exp will be very hard.)
So, not a backbreed.


If I get off my lazy arse and get Kaiju and Rizar to 12 (they’re at 11 right now edit: FML they’re both level ten) I’ll be getting four dragons this event. Cerbero, Nosfer, Vulcan, and Kelvin. :t_rex:


Hi, Thanks for confirming the event. Could do with having them further apart, still too soon after the last one really.


I believe you are thinking of feeding


Jul and Hau for me!!! My second garnet so will be levelling my divines!!


yeah they could be further apart too. But it was breeding I was meaning - its a struggle to get dragons levelled up between them when they’re this close together. Usually leaves me with nothing to do every other breeding event.


Getting mune this event and the kaiju Kelvin and ??? Aswell as starting my breed of sekhem. Big event for me. But staring my sapphire run is exciting


I like The humanoids in the Dragons mouth. Well done one piece! This a fine piece !


I remember @ADORED mentioned breeding = fornication event…
Such event to celebrate the 4th July…


Pyrochis, Stormheim


Just about to hit sapphire wall with my 2 first dragons of this tier: Sekhem and Scrochil :grimacing:
200k tokens and more than 600 fragments are waiting for it
But maybe for Sigil performance in these breading event and the next one I may only bread one per event :thinking:


No get Sekhem done (more plat eggs) and start on the second to get your points. Then next breed finish scorchil and start an anapa (kaiju and kelvin) to get enough points. Then set Anapa aside till you reach that point. It delays your path by half a breed cycle but you pick it up again when you reach that stage while maintaining points. Personally I am doing a variation of the above. (Part breeding Anapa while breeding quetz) to maximize points


I didn’t know they designed the dragons with genders assigned already. Learnt something new :nerd_face:


Be nice if Icicle was better than Frostbiter. Disappointing to me but congrats on the progress.


:thinking: good advice :grin:
According to Breeding Event Prizes from Mechenneg’s post ( Mechengg’s Spreadsheet Vault ) you need 7,5k points to get the 450 sigils prize and the next sigil prize is at 12,7K points for 500 sigils more.

I have enough tokens and fragments to do what you said. I would reach 12,7K points in this event, but for the next one i would need to stay at 7,5K points, letting Anapa almost done. Otherwise i would spend tokens and fragments but won’t reach the next 500 sigils prize. :thinking:

Thank you :relaxed:


Are you on icicle 1? Because you have to factor in quetz… he is 9500ish tokens. Unless you breed hatch and lvl him inside 1 event you may need a backup there… (I guess if you have enough tokens you could breed him outside events but :hugs:)


Yes, i’am following Red’s best breeding path. (Thanks for all your work @TheRedDelilah :kissing_heart:)

I’ve made my math with Quetz and still not enough points to reach 12,7K points. But I’am Ok with 12,7K this event and 7,5k the next two.

But we will have a fortification event before next breeding, so i need to see if the XP I will get on my futur level is enough to breed Scorchil, accelerate incubation and level him to breeding level during the event… we will see, I still have some math to do later on :relaxed: