This week's event is....BREEDING (July 4th)




I’ve heard, that’s why using those tokens with him will make me sad :sweat_smile: thanks


I freaking hate it when he does that. It is far too similar to Fortification event for a multilingual game to even be remotely funny.

In other news, I’m getting Noctua this event :grinning:


means to an end


Is Frostbiter suppose to be good? Mine seems to die alllll the time :roll_eyes:


Specific uses, but yes.


Really good for cleanup, not that fantastic as a lead (for me at least)


I’m getting Danzig tomorrow. :slight_smile:


I think of him as a ember brother for cleanup but with much greater survivability and attack. In my attacks on PvP he has been awesome for bigger bases with IF so he doesn’t need to heal :ok_hand:


Going to breed Hedran, Have bred Lumina, Have 202 frags and collected 122k egg tokens

If possible, after Hedran will start on Girasol but probably will not make it to 12.7k prize


Yey!! I’ll breed Icicle and Ferga :joy:


At least better than my expert Icicle. Mostly that Icicle should be better IMO.


They haven’t made a good mythic lineage hunter since sapphire.


I was going to ask about Noctua… then I realized you said mythic lmao :joy:


For what I’ve seen from a teammate Keth seems to fall fast on strong bases, opposed to destar


Keth is baaaaad.


Bummer. He’s next for me. Hate spending 275k eggs on a breeder.


Stormheim :roll_eyes:


Is the event starting tomorrow? US time and are the new dragons unveiling tomorrow as well?? Or is the event starting on the Thursday? Day after 4th of July?


That’s a good question :thinking: :t_rex: