This week's event is......BREEDING!

Breeding Event is coming up! Make sure you have a plan that is up to date! Red’s Sapphire+ Breeding Paths: Red’s Best Breeding Path:


When does the current event end? The timer for the energy packs resetting is a few hours off from what the event shows. Just want to make sure it’s not gonna end early :sweat_smile:

And I can’t wait for breeding…second sapphire dragon here I come…then Apophet :grin:

This event should end according to the island tower (7h 26m from this post)


Just wanted to be sure, a couple past events have ended before the tower timer unfortunately.

Those are usually when the “round” ends at a different time than the tower. Since we have no rounds, the tower time is a lot more reliable.

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Haus is mine in a few days! :D:D:D:D:D


Pretty sure the answer is ‘deal with it,’ but for those who hit end game on the breeding path… is there any other way to consume fragments besides waiting for the next tier to deploy?

Thank you, and thanks for all your work on the breeding paths. I started paying attention to paths a little late but I didn’t fair too badly as I originally breezed through some tiers so was able to use one of your paths to catch up. Only sidetracking a little to get apophet before Hau, to get the sapphire tokens to upgrade the builder hut. Doesn’t cost me any extra tokens tho :grin:

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If you are at the end game, I would wait to spend anything until the very end of the event. You never know when they will release a tier.


:thinking: I don’t know… is my plan up to date?

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I assume your research paths are all completed too?

No, not quite, but can’t use frags there… only tokens.

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If he means mystic fragments, those need to be new eggs, not research/builder hut eggs. I suppose there’s backbreeding, but that’s a waste :see_no_evil:

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Ah yea, had that bit confused, yea I think you’re right. Kinda sol on those.

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Wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow using mystic frags to fulfill other egg requirements once you have completed the breeding tree

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I will consider that


A little off topic, but that pic of Kaiju is friggin awesome!


If I have nothing to breed for the 4th or 5th breeding event in a row I’m going lose my mind, time for a new tier or two pg

New tier coming ?

Android users have a new app icon :wink:

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