This weeks event is...CONQUER THE WORLD!

Since no one else seems to have posted it yet, and I forgot to earlier. If you’re a social media person, keep an eye out for my Twitter posts ( or if you do the IG thing, check out @ShadowsOfBirds Instagram (

This event your team has to take over the map by stealing land from other teams. The more land a team has, the more points and land you can steal from them. If a team has very little land, the less points and land you can steal from them.

Remember to use your inner fires and energy packs wisely.


Hey Red :wave:t3: Thanks for the reminder, but tomorrow people will go into league chat and ask what event is next anyways :joy::joy:


Thanks for the info Red. :slight_smile:

It should be called, “who can out-coin everyone in the last minutes”


Oh is this going to be having the 30x coin attacks as well? :frowning:

Boring as hell. :roll_eyes:


yup you will struggle all round to take land then last min you will have none because you have been coined!

I hate this event.


That’s depressing. This is island wars all over again then. :slight_smile:

There isn’t a time limit so mega coins aren’t as time sensitive.

If you only got your points at last minuts your team will lose… the VP are counted overtime… you never steal points or lose point in this event…you get point every hours for the acres you got…!

There’s no need to be mean.

Mega coins suck. In PvP events with rounds, they suck the most. But overall, and always, they suck. And anyone is right to hate on them.


That is not 100% true. I’ve been playing this game for quite some time and the mega coins at the end makes a difference. Lets talk after the event is over :blush::wink:

I’ll be more clear: megas don’t suck for the people using them successfully. They definitely suck for those who shell out in a desperate bid for victory, only to find out the other team shelled out more. And you’ll be in that second camp more often than you’d like.

They also suck for the community as a whole. They make it so that smart energy usage and strategic super hits barely matter, especially in events with short rounds. They make us feel like the only thing that matters in PvP anymore is our wallets.

Sadly, we’re right.


They also suck for people who spend all of their money on Alan Walker…

That is exactly what i meant. If i chose the wrong event to post this opinion then i apoligize to everyone who felt negative remarks were called for. If i got my pvp events mix up :woman_shrugging:

Obviously coins have big impact on all PVP but not this one so much like tug of war/capt the flag…

If any event coins have no place in that event lol

I absolutely hate it! I loved the bonus meters thought they were great! But I joined the majority :shushing_face: You have too! Otherwise you just lose flag after flag!
So here’s to :beers: coining the hell out of teams in the last minutes! Works like a charm, teams that grind for hours stand no chance in the last 10 minutes :joy:

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My wish for the event is only one. Please reduce Energy Cost reset please…

It’s so true I hate them but I have helped in the out-coining. Like they say if yo can’t beat them then join them :joy::joy: I miss the bonus meter too. Survive, adapt and succeed!

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